• May 24th, 2024
  • Friday, 11:35:21 PM

We Will Insist That Our Voices Be Heard

President Trump’s executive actions on January 24th enable approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, pave the way to approve the Dakota Access Pipeline, and weaken environmental review of projects that could threaten our families’ wellbeing and harm our country. Put simply, these actions make it clear that Trump’s aim is to benefit big oil and gas companies even if their actions endanger the American people.

Millions of Americans objected to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL projects recognizing that the risk to our water, land and air was far too high and that our country had little to gain from either of these dirty energy projects. It is clear that Mr. Trump cares very little about the water we drink or the air we breathe, and even less about the tribal nations whose sacred land will be polluted.

Trump’s actions are clearly aimed at limiting Americans’ from participating in the decision-making process on these massive dirty energy projects and virtually eliminating the consideration of health, safety, and environmental impacts in order to make it easier for multinational corporations to spread pollution across our borders and into American cities and neighborhoods.

We will insist that our voices be heard on all matters that affect the health and wellbeing of our country. We call on President Trump to prioritize the American people over profits.

Adrianna Quintero, director of Voces Verdes.

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