• March 2nd, 2024
  • Saturday, 02:30:26 AM

The Chaos Continues

I've kept track of every Floor vote for Speaker, including the Motion to Vacate a few weeks ago. (Photo: U.S. Rep. DeGette)


U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette


There is still no clear path to escape the Republican chaos – all while the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East is worsening.


As the violence continues in Israel and Palestine, I grieve for all the innocent people who have lost their lives and families.


In any conflict, both sides must minimize the risk posed to civilians.


It’s been several days without a Speaker of the House, and the chaos continues among House Republicans as they struggle to select a viable leader.


Their latest candidate for Speaker was Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who has been described by members of his party as a “legislative terrorist.” He was a key leader in Congress who pushed the Big Lie and sought to overturn a free and fair election. He’s repeatedly embraced conspiracy theories, pushed for radical restrictions on reproductive rights, and consistently advocated for draconian spending cuts that would harm the American people.


In three votes on the House Floor, Rep. Jordan failed to win the Speaker election, and afterward, his own party voted him out as Speaker-designate in a secret ballot. Republicans, once again, seem to be at an impasse with no viable path forward, meaning the House is still unable to act.


I’ve kept track of every Floor vote for Speaker, including the Motion to Vacate a few weeks ago. Through all the dysfunction and infighting, House Democrats have remained united behind Leader Jeffries, and I was proud to cast three votes for him last week.


I condemn the violent terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens, and international law and the rules of war must be followed as it does so. Civilians must never be targeted.


Hamas is a terrorist organization that doesn’t represent the views of most Palestinians.


The U.S. is working diligently with our allies in the Middle East to secure the safe release of innocent civilians who have been taken hostage and who are still being held by Hamas.


While the State Department and the Biden Administration work to accomplish that goal, the U.S. and its allies must focus on getting humanitarian aid and support to the region. This week, President Biden announced $100 million to support Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank – including Palestinians who have been displaced. I support the establishment of a humanitarian corridor that provides food, water, medicine, fuel, and electricity to ensure that innocent civilians have their needs met.


On Oct. 19, President Biden addressed the nation to urge support for an aid package that will address the crises in Israel and Ukraine. He used this speech to lay out his vision for American leadership abroad and called for the U.S. to remain united in our responsibilities as a “great nation.”


The Biden Administration is working to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza and prevent the conflict from spreading to other fronts. On Oct 20, I signed a letter along with 131 of my House Colleagues thanking President Biden for prioritizing humanitarian aid and supporting collaboration with regional partners to prevent escalation. You can read the full letter here.


I remain committed to supporting diplomatic efforts aimed at de-escalation and establishing lasting peace in the region.


Congresswoman Diana DeGette serves Colorado’s 1st Congressional District.