• July 20th, 2024
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Sweet Words of Love for Eric Amaro Sweet Words of Love for Eric Amaro

My sweet child before you were born, I asked God to grant me a Son. My Son, I have loved you since the first day that I was told I was with child! I fondly remember when I was pregnant, my doctor asked me if I wanted to know the gender and I said no. Instead, I wanted to be surprised! I have always loved you immensely, along with your four sisters! I have many memories of you when you were small, when you would play with your toy cars and trucks and imitate the sounds of those toys. I often wondered how did you manage to learn so fast? At the age of 4 years old, your Grandmother was watching you and you told her that two men were fighting and you passionately tugged on her dress and said to her “come into the house, Abuela!”

Together you and I were a team and with ALL OF MY LOVE I ALWAYS TRIED TO GIVE YOU THE VERY BEST OF EVERYTHING OF WHICH YOU DESERVED!  You enrolled in the School of Arts Program for middle and high school and in their after- school activities. You also enrolled in karate classes and then in the Five Points Media Center, where you wrote articles for teens about after-school activities. Along with two of your sisters, you took three years of French classes from a teacher (who was from France). At the Denver School of the Arts, your specialty and interest was in filmmaking and production! You proudly graduated from Holly. During your high school years you met your girlfriend, Micaela “Mica” who you dated for four years and were very much in love with each other! I also encouraged you to enroll in the Regis University Dual Language Program.  However, you did not continue it because you decided to work full- time. There was a length of time which I was both your Mother and Father and I made a decision to hire a responsible and knowledgeable man to teach you about plumbing and sheetrock. Basically, to learn how to be resourceful for your own home and in life!  We also talked about when you married (one day) that you had to be the provider of your home and your family! I, your Mama would take care of your children! You mentioned that one day you wanted children of your own (and now that dream will NEVER be fulfilled). Maybe it was better that there was not a child, who would remain behind to suffer your loss. We also enjoyed MANY events and celebrations!! You also worshiped with your four beautiful sisters, WHO YOU LOVED VERY MUCH and who individually; you shared your own special sentiments and secrets with! They will ALWAYS remember you saying to each one of them “YOU ARE MY CONSENTIDA”! There were so many times that you expressed to me “that I was the MOST beautiful woman in the world”! From those words of endearment, I became immersed in pride and happiness as a Mother and a Woman of God! Now that I am without you, I do not know how to fill the void in my soul. I still LOVE and EMBRACE YOU, MY PRECIOUS SON, MY GIFT, MY KING that God gave me, but for a short time. God bless you forever!!!

Eric Amaro, August 3, 1986 – January 6, 2017.

Services for Erica Amaro are as follows: Visitation will be held from 10 AM to 11 AM Saturday, January 28 and will be followed by a Memorial Service at 11 AM at Horan & McConaty Family Chapel, 1091 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver; a reception in the Horan & McConaty Reception Center will follow the Service.

For those who have asked for information the family has set up an account in Eric’s name at the Denver Fire Department Federal Credit Union: Routing: 302075238 Account: 6897003-3 and information can be found at any of the Shared Branches; www.DFDFCU.com. The physical address is: 2201 Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO 80211. Or gofundme info: http://www.gofundme.com/eric-amaro-memorial.