• June 14th, 2024
  • Friday, 08:02:36 AM

Let’s Use Our Voting Power to Rebuild Our Country

Chris M. Frésquez


The decades-long narrative of labeling our Latinx communities, our LGBTQ+ families, our Indigenous Relatives, our Black, Asian, Indian American Sisters and Brothers as “minorities” is incorrect. We are no longer a minority.

According to 2018 Census American Community Survey data, the United States is home to 59.8 million Latinos, who are the nation’s second largest population group, and comprise nearly one of every five U.S. residents. The NALEO Educational Fund projects that at least 14.6 million Latinos will vote in the 2020 Presidential elections (NALEO 2020 Latino Election Handbook).

We have the numbers to change our direction and the future for the next generation, by participating in the November 3rd election.

Our country is facing dire consequences due to the nation’s leadership over the past four years, specifically the President and the Republican elected officials who enable the dangerous actions of the President and his administration.

Millions of families across the country are in financial despair, children and elders are facing hunger and the future of being unhoused. Record numbers of Americans are confronting enormous health inequities during this global pandemic.

According to the latest statistics by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, over 214,000 people have died due to COVID-19; there are close to a total of 7.8 million cases, with over 351,000 new cases in the United States (as of Oct 13).

With the election just a few weeks away, we know folks are feeling overwhelmed with so many daily issues that are compounded by the effects of this unprecedented virus.

The November 3rd election is so crucial in how we move forward as a nation. We cannot continue to allow harm to our country.

We need to elect officials who will lead our country back to safety, who will fight for human decency and who have a track record and proven ability to lead our country out of this devastation.

Our time is now; what we do this November can either leave a bright and opportune future for the next generations or a future of despair.

Latinos in the United States – we are 59.8 million strong — use that power to Vote by November 3rd.

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