• April 22nd, 2024
  • Monday, 10:17:42 AM

Johnny’s Ambassadors Announces Start of National Marijuana Facts Week



As the country began this week to celebrate Independence Day, Johnny’s Ambassadors is kicking off National Marijuana Facts Week – July 4-10, 2023. The week was created by Johnny’s Ambassadors Youth Marijuana Prevention to raise public awareness about the dangers of today’s high-potency THC marijuana.


The week-long national health observance brings attention to the negative effects that marijuana can have on our country’s youth. The THC potency in marijuana of this generation is far more dangerous for developing brains than it has been in the past, making it crucial to be educated and informed about the matter. Johnny’s Ambassadors created NMFW to encourage communities to hold educational events to create awareness of how high-potency THC marijuana affects adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicidal risk.


“I created National Marijuana Facts Week a few years ago to reach, educate, and impress upon as many people as possible the dangers of high-THC marijuana,” said Laura Stack, founder of Johnny’s Ambassadors. “Our goal is to bring communities together to save our youth from the harms of today’s high-potency marijuana, and this week is one of the big ways we hope do that.”


National Marijuana Facts Week creates engaging ways for parents, teachers, students and the community to educate themselves and others about the risks of using marijuana.


“Today’s more potent marijuana plants can contain 35% THC or higher, while the weed we rolled in the ’70s and ’80s was 1-3% THC,” according to Stack.


More than 80 organizations are participating in the NMFW movement. People interested in participating in the activities planned for the week can download a special toolkit to get access to all activities and resources at Johnny’s Ambassadors’ website. Included in the toolkit is a one-hour webinar, a tour of a Colorado dispensary and a national teen anti-marijuana poster contest. The toolkit also provides several other resources including research findings, a free social media campaign series and a marijuana trivia online gameshow.


Johnny’s Ambassadors was founded by Laura Stack in 2020 after the suicide of her son, Johnny, by a THC-induced psychosis. It is a non-partisan, nonprofit, grassroots alliance of individuals and organizations around the globe concerned about the harms of youth marijuana use. Johnny’s Ambassadors seek to reduce youth marijuana use through education, prevention and awareness. They use evidence-based, scientific research and experts to teach the impacts of today’s high-THC marijuana on youth mental illness and suicide.


NMFW and Johnny Stack’s story bring to light the association between cannabis use and mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. According to a study conducted by Denmark’s Mental Health Services Capital Region and the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health, 30% of men ages 21-30 would not have developed schizophrenia if they hadn’t used cannabis beginning at a young age. Researchers concluded there is strong evidence to support the connection between mental health decline and cannabis dependency.


In honor of National Marijuana Facts Week, Johnny’s Ambassadors is inviting communities to take action to share the facts about high-potency THC use and prevention. Visit Johnny’s Ambassadors to learn more.


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