• August 8th, 2022
  • Monday, 10:36:17 PM

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AG Balderas Announces Operation Holiday Home Protection

New México’s Attorney General Hector Balderas recently announced a new initiative aimed at educating and protecting New México consumers: Operation Holiday Home Protection. During the month of December, the Office of the Attorney General will be focusing its consumer protection efforts towards keeping New Mexicans in their homes. While this is one of the many areas of consumer protection the Office of the Attorney General focuses on year-round, throughout the month of December the office will be conducting specialized education for New Mexicans on a number of consumer issues ranging from buying a home, avoiding foreclosure, preventing home break-ins, avoiding scams that can threaten financial security, and more. This month will also see updates to “Keep Your Home New México”, a program administered by the Office of the Attorney General to assist New Mexicans who are facing foreclosure or find it hard to make their mortgage payments.

Operation Holiday Home Protection is an opportunity to remind consumers to be diligent with their finances, including avoiding scams and property crimes, which can help them buy a home or stay in their home by avoiding foreclosure,” said Attorney General Balderas. “The holidays are a time of giving and family, but unfortunately also a time when many families struggle with finances or fall victim to scammers and criminals. Whether New Mexicans are buying gifts, making home improvements or seeking a mortgage, they should be on guard and be informed about exactly what kind of financial transactions they are entering.”

In the coming days, the Office of the Attorney General will be releasing more information on many Operation Holiday Home Protection topics, but if you are facing foreclosure or finding it hard to make your mortgage payments, contact the Office of the New México Attorney General toll free at 1-844-255-9210.

New Mexicans who believe they have been a victim of a scam or predatory business practices should contact the Office of the Attorney General toll free at 1-844-255-9210 or visit www.nmag.gov/consumer-complaint-instructions.aspx