• February 29th, 2024
  • Thursday, 11:09:40 PM

What Will the 2018 Social Order Look Like?

What do we want the 2018 social order and the rest of the 21st century to look like? With the many internal and external challenges that a majority of Americans face in society, doomsday seems right around the corner.  The fires of unrest have continuously been stoked by issues following the appearance of the Klu Klux Klan at a Virginia University rally. Armed with weapons and ready to tangle on the streets with protesters who had come to practice democracy in action, Klansmen showed their true colors viciously beating the protesters with a variety of weapons. Klan dreams of creating another Confederacy seems to be fueled by President Donald Trump. When asked to speak to the American public regarding this matter, the president rambled on blaming both sides for the fiasco. Progressive minded Americans thought this kind of bigotry had become impervious to the American consciousness—it seems that it was only clandestinely hidden in the collective conscious of the rightwing, waiting for a catalyst. When the leader of the free world participates in racist behaviors, he indiscriminately gives permission for other racists to openly display their prejudices. We fell prey to The Radical Right, whose narrow-mindedness we thought had been usurped.  Not the case! They are working hand-in-hand with this country’s leader to call down other groups who don’t fit the American model and who’s human and civil rights have also become impervious to a form of totalitarian governance.

DACA students continue to live with undue anxiety and stress, unable to enjoy any type of freedom. Belén Sisa, a DACA college student studying political science may still be sitting in a Washington D.C. jail when this column hits the street after participating in an action organized by the Seed Project. Perceived as a dissenter, she and hundreds of thousands of innocent children may face deportation. Belén may either become the heroine of this debacle or a scapegoat by the Trump Administration where power brokers lack empathy. With one fell swoop of the pen, Trump can order cadence to begin the long march of the penguins— forced to march back to a country that is alien to them in the strictest sense of the word.

Transgender and gay soldiers, although having won judicial victories in the courts, will still face the homophobic attitude that has become pervasive in the military. The Christian right continues to hang onto its religiousism, condemning anyone that doesn’t sing to their tune.  Middle Eastern immigrant countries are also being confronted by a taste of the “isms” as they come under attack from the same rightwing pundits that preach democracy but push for banning anyone from crossing the borders legally. Pain, once repressed has seeped back into the American way of life again as the leadership, whose motivation needs to be questioned, has transformed into the main agitator.

Race and class race wars are occurring simultaneously. Americans should not be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Trump and company are diversion experts, attempting to use a revival of the Culture Wars to avoid having to respond to what appears to be Trumpgate in the making while passing a tax law that is pale in comparison to the voodoo economics practiced by past President Ronald Reagan.

President Trump, with all of his grandiosity may be taking the country fast forward to a socialist democratic society faster than his friendly enemy Bernie Sanders. The profits that major corporations will be giving back to its’ workers is a mere pittance compared to what the rich will continue to stuff in their pockets. The theater of the oppressed has just begun as stringent capitalist economics may lead this class struggle directly into what is termed the, “polarization of the classes.”

You cannot oppress people without dealing with resistance. An old chap by the name of Karl Marx predicted that through pure greed, the elite in a capitalistic economic structure would breed its own contradictions.  Trump and supply side economists predict that the middle class will prosper and continue to be the buffers between the rich and the poor.  Democratic socialists predict that the middle class will be eroded, particularly with the new tax law that favors the rich over the poor.  Only time will tell if Trump and his Republican cronies in business and government get richer as the poor get poorer. The difference is that Bernie’s followers practice a philosophy of nonviolence while those who stand behind Trump have access to the war machine that Trump would use to win this battle.

Americans, whose consciousness has not been weather-beaten by the politics of the day, will still prevail as truth to justice keeps boiling while the current administration has failed to provide the leadership necessary to run a free country. You cannot take away the dignity of people without having to respond to the wrath of the masses, once they have reached the bottom of the barrel with nowhere to go except forward.

Happy New Year!


Dr. Ramón Del Castillo is an Independent Journalist. ©12-25-2017 Ramón Del Castillo.


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