• July 20th, 2024
  • Saturday, 03:29:11 PM

We Can’t Fix the Economy Without Fixing Childcare


Jeanie Cardenas


I am a new mother in the midst of an ongoing national crisis. This is not the world I envisioned I would raise my newborn son in, and I am definitely not alone in that sentiment. Although our country is facing unprecedented times, there are major issues that we have not addressed for decades that are coming to the surface. For my family, right now, the main issue is the outrageous cost of quality childcare. Some monthly rates for childcare cost more than our mortgage. Colorado is the 8th most expensive state in the country for childcare. These statistics send terror down my spine. As I continue to repay my graduate school loans, I wonder if it was all for nothing when all my earnings go toward childcare.

How long must families continue to struggle? How long will we need to decide between a decent income for ourselves, saving for retirement or affording quality childcare? Thankfully, Joe Biden has created a plan that values care providers for elders and children, and provides quality early childhood education for all. Joe Biden gets my vote for president for many reasons, but the top reason is his proposed multi-billion dollar plan to invest in families for the next ten years. We need relief and we need it now.

Forty percent of women are the breadwinners of their families. However, without any support, equality for mothers is still a bleak goal. I am so relieved that there is a candidate for president who is as worried about this issue as my family and I are.

My tolerance has been exhausted by the current administration’s posturing. They have not offered families like mine relief for the costs of childcare.

It is well past the time for our country to do better by supporting caregivers and families. Now is the time to vote. If you have not already, there is still time to register to vote. You can register online, drop off your ballot at a ballot box or vote-by-mail. I am very enthusiastic to support the Biden campaign by making calls and texts in between baby playtime and naps. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ dedication to the Latinx community through understanding that those most affected by lack of funds for quality child care are communities of color, which is why my family fully supports a future where quality early-childhood education is available for everyone. I encourage you to read through Joe’s plans to support child and elder care for all and of course, don’t forget to vote!


Jeanie Cardenas is a mother, wife who lives in Denver, Colorado and advocates for intersectional feminism and reproductive justice.


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