• February 26th, 2024
  • Monday, 06:33:12 PM

Treat Every Human Being With Respect

By Michael Brune


It is impossible to justify an immigration system that tears families apart and sees children ripped from their mother’s arms by agents of our own government. People arriving in our country seeking a better life deserve to be treated with dignity and fairness, but this administration is using these families as political bargaining chips to push a racist agenda.
This inhumane treatment of many immigrants and disregard for entire communities in the borderlands and elsewhere that has been happening for decades has been made exponentially worse by this administration, and practices like this by the Trump Administration are not acceptable. The false solutions pedaled by House Republican leadership are also unacceptable, and we reject every attempt by this administration and House Republicans to pit borderlands communities against immigrant families.
The members and the supporters of the Sierra Club fight for the quality of the natural and the human environment, so any situation in which families are being torn apart and children are being locked away for political reasons is one we must join in the struggle to change. That’s why we are demanding our government get to work on real solutions that treat every human being with respect by ending family separation, rejecting the militarization of the borderlands, and creating a pathway to citizenship for the millions of immigrants who call our country home.


Michael Brune is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club.





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