• December 10th, 2023
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Time for New Ideas: Lisa Calderón for Denver Mayor

Photo: Chanel Ward/El Semanario Lisa Calderón

PUBLISHER NOTE: This week, we decided to republish our endorsements for Denver candidates — Lisa Calderón for Denver Mayor, Candi CdeBaca for Denver City Council District 9, Debbie Ortega for Denver City Council at Large, and Amanda Sandoval for City Council District 1 – to remind voters that these valued candidates stand for integrity and will work for all of Denver’s residents.
Remember to vote by May 7th!


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Chris M. Frésquez



It has been many years since our publication has formally endorsed local candidates for political office.

Over the past 29 years of publishing, The Weekly Issue/El Semanario has reported on the progress and failures of our City’s leadership and the communities they serve.

Our country is currently experiencing devastating and unlawful leadership, but from these difficult times, extraordinary leaders are coming to the forefront to redirect our morals in this country. Positive and influential individuals are stepping up to take our nation in a new direction, whether it be on a federal or local level.

One person that has been a constant of truth and accountability is Denver native Lisa Calderón who is running for mayor in the City and County of Denver.

People who are active in efforts that matter in our communities, know the value of Lisa and her commitment to our Denver neighborhoods.

Lisa has been on the forefront of Denver activism for decades, acting as a conduit for those in need. Her extensive personal achievements – Master’s degree in Liberal Studies, focusing on Native American Studies, from the University of Denver, a law degree from the University of Colorado Boulder School of Law, a Doctorate in Education from the University of Colorado School of Education and Human Development, and a full-time faculty at Regis University, teaching Criminal Justice and Sociology courses – have placed her in a position to act with positive intent and knowledge to promote success for others.

We have witnessed Lisa’s activism over the past twenty years, and she has been very vocal in defending the rights of all people. She is not afraid to speak out, despite retribution. In fact, she rises above pettiness and strives to find common ground with those she challenges, in an effort to integrate justice.

Lisa is no stranger to making an unjust person or organization uncomfortable. If she see’s injustice, she will see to it that justice is achieved.

It is courageous to speak out against a city administration that is not working for the people who need it the most.

Over the past year, we have had numerous discussions with community members, activists and organizations; fear and retribution seem to be a common concern with the current City of Denver administration. Denver residents should not fear those in political power. We need to remember that elected officials work for the voters that elect them into office.

After thoughtful consideration, The Weekly Issue/El Semanario announces our political endorsement for Lisa Calderón as Mayor for the City and County of Denver. The Denver Municipal Election is May 7; and this year’s deadline to register to vote is April 22,

In this week’s edition, we begin our “Ask the Candidate” project, offering candidates an opportunity to answer questions on current issues. Read Lisa Calderón’s responses featured at: ElSemanarioColorado.com

This is our first installment of endorsements for Denver’s 2019 Municipal General Election.









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