• July 24th, 2024
  • Wednesday, 06:21:54 AM

The War Has Just Begun


Latino communities should give President Donald Trump a standing ovation for his stupidity and narcissism that backfired again, but they should not assume that he is going to fade into obsolescence.  Democrats, women, and People of Color communities should not chalk up their recent victories as permanent ones. It was only a matter of time before Trump’s verbal regurgitations would be heard again—only this time with a resounding velocity. His continuous tweets aren’t coming from someone seeking out resolution, they are aimed at holding onto what is left of his power as a President.

The craziness that exists in Donald Trump now that he has lost position and power will reappear in a more volatile way. One of the two-faced masks that has appeared off and on has now become a permanent fixture; he can no longer take it off. Which mask, you might ask. The mask of superiority that is illusionary—the mask that hides the alter-ego controlling his consciousness. The mask that camouflaged his true self, a racist at heart, a bigot in thought, and a prejudiced soul, no longer exists.  There is no glue made strong enough to keep it together. The true mask has become discernable, visible to the naked eye, no longer veiled by deceit and fairy tales. No modern-day plastic surgeons can patch up something so vile and horrid.

What Democrats need to do is step up to the plate, with all of their political wisdom, courage and intelligence that they possess and prepare for a verbal civil war—a war of attrition where the whole kit and caboodle of evil must be demolished.

Is there any hope for the federal administration in its current structure?  That is the question Americans must come to terms with. Trump can no longer hide. As his temper flares up and he realizes that his true self is visible to the American public, he will continue to mistreat anyone that gets in the way of his treacherous and self-destructive path. Another critical question is whether or not Democrats who keep preaching the same tactic of “taking the moral high ground,” will realize that evil has no boundaries.

What Democrats need to do is step up to the plate, with all of their political wisdom, courage and intelligence that they possess and prepare for a verbal civil war—a war of attrition where the whole kit and caboodle of evil must be demolished. Why? Because his successors are cut from the same cloth—an image that hovered over America as it belittled People of Color in the Deep South and the Southwest—and a shroud that hid obnoxious images of anything outside of the norm they had established. Trump’s replacements adhere to the same racial improprieties as their leader, but since they may not suffer from the malignant narcissism, they may be more civil in how they enact policies that maintain the status quo. Their actions can be as deceptive and dangerous as ever. They have no incentive for changing what has been done. Many are reaping the economic benefits that are blinding them.  They won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Anything shy of total deconstruction and a rebuilding process will only breed more hate.

Democrats should not hold back, they should be intentional on repairing a flag torn into two pieces for a second time—a flag stained by a history of racial conflict, with blood stains that have never completely vanished.  They have emerged again as the attitudinal torrents invade the public and private spheres of American lives. If it’s true that we must pay for what we do to others, there is no price tag for what Trump has done to immigrant children and families—immigrants will recover from the anguish, fear, anxiety, and anger that he bequeathed upon their collective psychology, but those who have purposely inflicted this pain will also have to pay a price. His call to arms for the military to stand guard at the border is ludicrous. It may feed his delusions of grandeur, but it has also opened the eyes of an American public that is fed up. Trump may have kicked Jeff Sessions out of the White House, but he will have to live for impulsively bringing in another crony. When the human organism believes itself to be in a survival mode, it makes many mistakes that eventually are uncovered. While attempting to rid himself of an enemy, he has become transparent to the American public.

There are civil ways of conducting an honest government; but as damaged as this one is, it is going to take a lot of work. The litmus test of a true democracy is dangling from a thread but needs strong leadership, a willingness to take risks, speak out and challenge Americans to a courageous conversation, followed by the development and implementation of policies that protect our families. In the final analysis, you are what you do, not what you preach to appease the masses of people. This war has just begun!


Dr. Ramón Del Castillo is an Independent Journalist. ©11-11-2018 Ramón Del Castillo.


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