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The Choice is Clear, Editorial Boards Across the State Endorse Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

October 19, 2020
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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: The Choice is Clear, Editorial Boards Across the State Endorse Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate

Cory Gardner Blows Off Editorial Boards, Reporters & Constituents


After Endorsing Gardner in 2014, Denver Post, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Pueblo Chieftain, & Greeley Tribune All Flip Support to Hickenlooper

With voting well underway across the state, John Hickenlooper has now received support from ten editorial boards in every corner of the state: The Denver Post, The Colorado Sentinel, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, The Durango Herald, The Greeley Tribune, The Pueblo Chieftain, El Semanario, The Vail Daily, Colorado Springs Indy, and Boulder Weekly.

The choice is clear: While Senator Cory Gardner has refused to make himself accessible to Coloradans and the free press, voted repeatedly to gut health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and been President Trump’s staunch ally in the Senate, John Hickenlooper is a leader you can trust to work across the aisle and get things done for Coloradans.
Read why editorial boards across the state are overwhelmingly endorsing Hickenlooper:

Denver Post: Coloradans know John Hickenlooper — a man ready to serve us in the U.S. Senate

“John Hickenlooper’s legacy in Colorado is that of a man who invested early in a dream to revitalize our capital city and then stepped up to lead a thriving economy, a prosperous business environment, a developed transportation network, and progressive reforms. Coloradans should reflect on Hickenlooper’s productive eight years as mayor of Denver and his eight years as governor as they cast their ballots for U.S. Senate.”

“He’s a man Coloradans can trust to keep their interests at heart, to make sound decisions, and to help repair our national system of governance.”

“Cory Gardner is excellent at playing the political game, but he has proven to have terrible judgment and communicate poorly with his constituents.”

Pueblo Chieftain: Hickenlooper is the choice for US Senate

“The rebuilding of America is going to take leaders who can work with each other, not blindly follow any party or any leader. For that basic reason, we urge Coloradans to vote for John Hickenlooper for the U.S. Senate”

“Hickenlooper was governor for eight years, and his legacy was one of building an incredibly strong economy, improving our highways and supporting a progressive agenda. Prior to that, he served eight years as mayor of Denver, and played a major role in the revitalization of Downtown Denver.”

“In evaluating the tenure of US Sen. Cory Gardner, there’s no escaping the fact that he has stood by silently as President Donald Trump and his ever-changing cast of supporters have incompetently dealt with the COVID-19 crisis, treated human beings like animals at the southern border, provided legitimacy to repugnant and dangerous racists, and abandoned common decency, creating an atmosphere in which political opponents are called names and diminished — no matter their credentials and contributions to this nation.”

Vail Daily: John Hickenlooper for US Senate

“That willingness to listen to find solutions to the big problems facing our state and our country is exactly the reason we’re endorsing Hickenlooper for the United States Senate. After eight years as the mayor of Denver and eight more as our state’s governor, Coloradans know who Hickenlooper is and what he’s all about…Put simply, Hickenlooper will be the senator that Cory Gardner promised to be — the guy who’ll break from his party and be an independent voice when it’s the right thing to do for his constituents.”

“While Gardner continually touts that he’s one of the most bipartisan senators in Washington, his record shows he’s voted with President Trump 89% of the time… If you’re tired of the fake ads, the fake bills, the empty promises and zero-sum politics, then the choice is clear: Vote for John Hickenlooper.”

Colorado Sentinel: Colorado knows who Gardner really is, and that we need Hickenlooper in the Senate

“Hickenlooper has long been exactly what Gardner promised to be, and never was. Colorado’s former governor has proven himself to be a thoughtful, pragmatic and steady leader. Hickenlooper often found himself at odds with fellow Democrats, shaping numerous critical policies as real bi-partisan compromises.”

“Six years ago, Gardner sold himself as a political moderate. He’s not.

Despite his self-accolades, his Senate record show’s he’s one of President Donald Trump’s most reliable allies.”

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Hickenlooper vs. Gardner

“Hickenlooper is the same affable politician who was a frequent visitor to the Western Slope when he was governor. Now he’s ready to brandish his relentless optimism inside the Beltway to become a ‘bridge builder’ for progress on health care and a shift toward cleaner energy.”

“But Gardner’s unwillingness to answer tough questions leaves us empty and disturbed. If he manages to retain his Senate seat having studiously avoided newspapers and townhall meetings across the Western Slope, what incentive does he have to answer directly to the people ever again?”

Greeley Tribune: History of voter access gives Hickenlooper the edge for Senate seat

“Hickenlooper provides us with the best chance at better representation in Washington.”“The red flag for Gardner isn’t an accusation of malfeasance, but rather a disturbing pattern of behavior. In his time as Senator, Gardner has not adequately made himself available for his constituents. He doesn’t keep hours at his Colorado offices, and while he appears at events that might offer voters a smile and a photo op from their Senator, he doesn’t participate in town-hall style events that grant those voters real access.”

Durango Herald: For U.S. Senate, only one candidate has right stance on health care

“On the most significant issue facing Americans, access to properly priced health insurance and medical care, Senate candidate John Hickenlooper easily deserves support.”

“Incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner, on the other hand, clings to longtime notions of the cure lying with cross-state line and common employment plans and medical savings accounts. Those ingredients, which would have been somewhat helpful in pre-ACA days, would fail to bring the breadth and depth needed to give Americans the coverage and bill paying they deserve.”

El Semanario: Protect DACA: Vote For Hickenlooper And Biden By November 3!

“For the above reasons and more, we urge our readers to support DACA once more, and continuing. Vice President Joe Biden and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper have tirelessly supported these young people before and will continue to do so.”

“Now consider DACA recipients in Donald Trump’s and Cory Gardner’s América. Do DACA children at age 6, and young people when they receive DACA certification, have legal recourse to the ‘Equal Protection’ clause of the 14th Amendment, which protects citizens, of course, but also ‘persons,’ citizens or not?  The answer is, in Barack Obama’s América, they did.  But in Trump’s and Gardner’s América, they do not, since both politicians, and their Republican cohorts, have done all they could to do away with DACA and other such protections.”

Colorado Springs Independent: U.S. Senate, Cory Gardner (R) v. John Hickenlooper (D)

“Surely those who have followed the Indy’s endorsements through the years won’t be shocked that we strongly support former Gov. John Hickenlooper over incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner in their Senate race.”

“Gardner has cemented our long-held concerns about him with his backing President Trump on filling the Supreme Court vacancy as soon as possible, even if it means overturning Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act along with covering preexisting conditions, and perhaps affecting the election itself. Of course, Gardner loyally has supported Trump’s agenda the past four years.”

Boulder Weekly: Vote Guide 2020

“…we think [Hickenlooper will] move the needle on a variety of issues that have long been swept under the rug in Washington — gun reform, instituting a national public health option and marijuana decriminalization — while also righting wrongs from the Trump administration: inhumane immigration and asylum policies, funding cuts for public education, and allowing the economy for everyday people and small business owners to flounder.”