• October 25th, 2021
  • Monday, 03:58:27 PM

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Right to Vote Restored for Coloradans on Parole

On May 28, 2019, Governor Polis signed Restore Voting Rights Parolees into law. This law, which went into effect July 1st, will allow thousands of Coloradans on parole to register to vote and vote in upcoming elections.

“Colorado has been leading the way in expanding voting rights for all its citizens and, today, Colorado takes one more progressive step in that direction,” said Representative Herod, who sponsored the bill. “Effective immediately, individuals out of prison and on parole are eligible to vote. I encourage the more than 11,000 people who now qualify to register to and exercise your fundamental right to have a say in our democracy and in our communities.”

This new law builds on a 2018 law that allowed people on parole to pre-register to vote. People on parole who are pre-registered will automatically be switched to registered voters on July 1 as a result of the new law. In addition, the 11,467 people on parole who are eligible voters will now be able to register to vote.

“Voting is one of the single most important ways Americans can engage in their communities, and today we’re restoring this right to tens of thousands of Coloradans. This is a huge step in making our democracy more fair, just, and accessible,” said Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, who sponsored the bill in the Senate.

“Voting access is essential to a strong democracy. Colorado’s achievements in the advancement of voting access continue to shine in stark contrast to the voter suppression we see across the nation,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.