• February 29th, 2024
  • Thursday, 08:54:12 PM

Protocols of the Chosen People


Daniel Stange de Acatl


Yo Soy Chicano. My family has lived on these lands for more generations than I can discover. I do have some family members that I can trace back across the pond. But I have many others that I cannot determine from which American Indian tribe they originate. There was a practice of stealing and selling Indian children in the American southwest that predates the U.S. constitution. The term Genizaro was once popular due to the multitudes of Spanish speaking township builders that constructed buffer zones for the Spanish and Mexican colonists who needed protection from the Comanche and Apacheria. In 1680, when the pueblo revolts expelled the missionaries and vaqueros from the Rio Grande areas, there was a recognition of our collective struggle. A struggle still felt by the Chicano community today.


All the Mother cultures of the world created mythologies and stories of their origin and their Divine recognition of placement upon the Mother Earth. Before recorded histories and ancient temples or pyramids, the gathering people who developed agriculture and laid foundations for their structures were inspired to believe in their capacity for warmth, shelter, protection and sustainability for their children. The histories of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Mesoamerica and the Incans all practiced religious ideology that gave them confirmation and privilege. That declared some members of the society as God’s chosen. (To dictate the standards of life for the masses.)


We cannot deny that before ancient times there were already wars against armies and soldiers that killed to protect what their leaders claimed, right or wrong.


Each Mother culture has its distinct nuances to trace back such divinity and development of spiritual practices but there is little doubt by most educated people today that our collective beginnings are in some form similar. We generally focus on our differences, but the common themes are all too easy to discern. The social structures that develop between those who rule the larger populations that labor the land, are not so distinct. There has also always been a warrior group that serves the former and monitors the latter. We cannot deny that before ancient times there were already wars against armies and soldiers that killed to protect what their leaders claimed, right or wrong.


The newest phenomenon that we understand today on a global scale and with the ease of global communication is with technology that has permitted our focus and awareness of current situations surrounding Jerusalem. Known by many as the birthplace of three major religions today. The forces of media and public education would have you believe that this is some unique circumstance. A holy war? Fulfillment of prophecy? End times or divine subscription. All these and more fantastical descriptions of events that are simply the repeat of circumstances that, to Native Americans look all too familiar. Public outcry about the savage terror of those recognized as victims in the progress of manifest destiny. Justification for the extermination and genocidal ambitions of those with greater destructive power.


When America was newly formed and the vast amounts of land there were yet to be “discovered” extended beyond the grasp of European settlers; the newspapers, dime novels and political policies reflected the very same rhetoric about indigenous populations. As if We were a Land without a people for the hordes of immigrants fleeing the persecution of monarchies and inquisitions. Shortly after the US Constitution was implemented, there were secret protocols of Zionism created by Masonic societies that worked to establish this land as a continent for God’s people. American Indians were even believed to be the lost tribes of Israel by some. Yet military might, and political ambiguity pushed them into outdoor prisons we call reservations. American exceptionalism became the result of these protocols and white nationalism has employed deceitful tactics to ensure their legitimacy and control.


When I watch the news reports and commentaries surrounding the tragedy occurring in Palestine, I cannot help but reflect on the final battles of Geronimo and the Apache holdouts. Land locked into a situation of complete desperation. The Gazans are better equipped than Geronimo and Cochise, but the imbalance of fire power and surrounding isolation are parallel. Notwithstanding the very public opinion and policy rhetoric that developed to bring about this situation. Palestinian people are actually the distant relatives of the Jewish people that dispersed into the northern lands over a thousand years ago. The many who converted to Islam and remained in this cradle of religious bigotry became the native Palestinians and the Jews who are returned to this “New” Israel state that only formed after World War II in 1947, are the Zionists who tried to destroy our cultures.


This is the answer to why America is so invested in protecting Israelis and advancing their criminal agenda. Their story reflects the very foundation of how America developed and the way they displaced the original inhabitants of Anahuac. There are certainly strange differences like why the white supremist have an anti-Semite behavior, but Christian evangelists are constantly sending millions of dollars to Israel. The horrific news and destruction has given me a heavy heart. The situation simply brings more division and conflict among the nations. Let’s all hope that something can be done to ease the suffering of the innocent children.


The similarities are a better focus and to recognize the David and Goliath mythology. A story that comes from the same biblical sources of the original peoples of Israel. The Palestinians are obviously David, and the State of Israel is the Goliath of military might. I had hopes to not witness the battle that certainly left innumerable innocent victims, but certainly have no difficulty relating to public opinion that supports the struggle of the Palestinian people. How easy will it be for American and Israeli leaders to recognize the irony of their claim to be the rightful inhabitants of Jeruselem?


Danny Stange de Acatl is a Denver Native and Cultural Activist that serves his community on various levels.