• June 20th, 2024
  • Thursday, 09:09:33 AM

Photos Needed To Complete 50th Anniversary

For five decades, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) fifth graders have visited the ecological classrooms and hiked the trails of the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center. Now the center is collecting photographs from those visits to help it celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Organizers of the center’s anniversary celebration in April are on a quest to collect pictures of student and staff visits spanning the decades. They’re guessing there are lots of pictures out there since most APS fifth graders have visited the center located in Cedar Crest just east of Albuquerque since it opened in 1967. More than 14,000 students, teachers and family members visit the center each year.

Pictures will be featured on public displays at the New México Museum of Natural History and Science, which runs the center in partnership with APS. Photos also will be featured on the museum’s and school district’s websites and social media sites as well as at the anniversary celebration on April 27.

The Sandia Mountain Natural History Center consists of seven miles of trails, eight outdoor and three indoor classrooms, picnic areas, a museum, bird blinds and more on 128 acres of pinon-juniper forest in the Sandia Mountains. The primary mission of the center and its staff is to educate the citizens of New México about ecology, ecosystems, the environment and conservation.

If you have any photos, send them to fiana.shapiro@state.nm.us.