• April 14th, 2024
  • Sunday, 01:14:56 AM

New Citizens Welcomed at Naturalization Ceremony

Photo: Chanel Ward New U.S. citizen, Joselyn Sawyer with her husband Michael Sawyer.

by Chanel Ward


The History Colorado Museum welcomed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to naturalize 46 new American citizens on September 26th.

The Naturalization Ceremony highlights the citizenship of each foreign or national citizen after meeting all of the requirements to become an American citizen.

USCIS has welcomed more than 7.4 million naturalized citizens into the fabric of America over the last 10 years and the Denver Field Office Director since 2013, Andy Lambrecht administered the Naturalization Ceremony and the Oath of Allegiance.

Lambrecht spoke to the filled room of about 75 guests of new citizens and their supporters about becoming an American citizen.

“You’re saying that you’re willing to support and defend the constitution and the laws of the United States. You’re saying that you’re willing to fight for the United States, to do work of importance; these are extraordinary things that show how much American citizenship means to you,” said Lambrecht.

Director of Community Outreach at History Colorado, Marissa Volpe was the Honored Guest and Speaker, Volpe said, “We’ve been hosting Naturalization Ceremonies here in this building for the past six years, we’ve been open for six years in this building and we offer them [Naturalization Ceremonies] twice a year.”

The event begins with everyone standing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and ends with everyone standing once more to recite the same Pledge, but this time, as American Citizens.

One new citizen in particular stood out for her enthusiasm and support from her family.

New citizen, Joselyn Sawyer said, “I think it’s a privilege to be in this country, I feel really excited, very happy to know that my future family will be in this amazing country.”

Sawyer also expressed her appreciation for the well-organized event and outreach to attend once her application process was complete.

USCIS Public Affairs Officer, Debbie Canon said about the process, “We are really trying to tell people who are eligible to be citizens to apply online, you can do that now, just go to uscis.gov or uscis.gov/es for Spanish speakers. You can apply for citizenship online, you can apply for a green card online, you can even pay for it online now.”

Canon believes that the online process is much more efficient and has been more helpful to those applying and the adjudicators, the immigration officers handling their case.


Chanel Ward is an Independent Reporter for The Weekly Issue/El Semanario.