• July 24th, 2024
  • Wednesday, 06:51:56 AM

Modernizing Voter Registration Drive Process

The Denver Elections Division has unveiled our latest innovation, a mobile voter registration drive (VRD) module which will integrate with our first-in-the-nation Denver eSign mobile petition app.

The new module modernizes the voter registration drive process by allowing VRDs that are certified by the Colorado Secretary of State to use tablets instead of paper forms to register voters. The application utilizes data from the statewide voter registration database so that voters can update registrations or register to vote regardless of the county that they live in. This technology will provide accessibility options, enhance security for voters’ personal information, eliminate duplicate registrations, increase the accuracy and readability of the registration forms, and streamline the process.

“We are a customer-focused organization that always seeks to innovate to improve the customer experience,” Director of Elections Amber McReynolds said. “Just like voters, candidates and campaigns, voter registration drives are our customers too. Digitizing the voter registration drive process also increases data accuracy by reducing the errors commonly found on paper voter registration forms.”

Registering voters on tablets decrease the amount of voter registration forms rejected for being incomplete since the app doesn’t allow a VRD circulator to submit the registration until every field is properly completed.

This project was a collaboration between the Denver Elections Division and local software company, 303 Software.

“303 Software is a proud technology partner of Denver Elections. We are extremely excited to be able to help them execute their technological vision and bring the voter registration process to mobile devices. Wherever possible we look for opportunities to ultimately streamline processes making them faster, more efficient and more accurate and this app is a great example of our capabilities.” Damon Delgado, Chief Solutions Officer, 303software.com.