• October 1st, 2023
  • Sunday, 08:30:09 AM

May Day Rally in Miami Advocates for Immigrants

Photo: CIP Americas September 26th marked three years since the search began for the 43 students disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero.

Immigrants and working families have been under attack, but never to the degree we’ve seen until now in the state of Florida. Despite fierce pushback from leaders, law enforcement and business communities, dangerous anti-immigrant bills House Bill 527 and Senate Bill 168 have passed putting all Floridians in danger, regardless of status. That’s why students, advocates, and community leaders came together outside of State Senator Manny Diaz Jr’s offices on May 1st, to create awareness about the impacts this disastrous legislation will have on all Florida families. Organizations included the Florida Immigrant Coalition, United We Dream, WeCount!

Floridians, immigrants, students, and others are fighting back against Tallahassee elected leaders, who have moved to institute policies that discriminate against immigrant communities and people of color.
“Together, we’ve won important victories in the State of Florida, but our communities are still under attack,” said Paula Muñoz, South Florida Organizer for the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “Across the country, people are mobilizing on May 1st to demand that our families are protected and kept whole. We all deserve the opportunity to fulfill our dreams, to thrive. Together, we are fighting to keep our families together, resisting exploitative conditions for workers and demanding fair wages.”
And together, we will win. This May Day, we are demanding that elected officials in Tallahassee understand how critical it is that we work to keep families together. We want our communities to thrive, and that means increasing affordable housing, an end to arbitrary ICE raids and police brutality, access to drivers licenses regardless of immigration status, economic justice, access to affordable housing, and protecting voters rights.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is a statewide alliance of over 60 member organizations, including farmworkers, students, service providers, grassroots organizations and legal advocates, who come together for the fair treatment of all people.