• April 22nd, 2024
  • Monday, 09:16:00 AM

Legislators Supporting Patients End of Life Options

Compassion & Choices and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New México commend Representative Deborah Armstrong and co-sponsor, Representative Bill McCamley, for filing the End-of-Life Options Act, HB 171. The measure would allow mentally capable, terminally ill adults in New México the ability to request a prescription from their doctor that they may self-administer to achieve a peaceful death if they decide their suffering has become intolerable.

Five years ago, two Albuquerque oncologists and a cancer patient from Santa Fe asked a New México court to authorize medical aid in dying for terminally ill New México residents. In 2014, New México Second Judicial District Judge Nan Nash issued a landmark decision that ruled terminally ill, mentally capable patients have a fundamental right to aid in dying under the substantive due process clause of the New México State Constitution.

Last year, the New México Supreme Court overturned that decision. The Court ruled that terminally ill New Mexicans do not have a constitutional right to a physician’s assistance in dying, calling for “robust debate” in the legislature instead. Compassion & Choices, the ACLU of New México, and a coalition of stakeholders have worked with Representatives Armstrong and McCamley to follow through on that recommendation.

[pullquote]This bill ensures that New Mexicans are able to make their own medical decisions along with their loved ones and their medical team at the end of life.[/pullquote]

“We have worked hard to tailor the bill to New México’s unique and rural character, ensuring that those who qualify don’t face unnecessary and burdensome barriers and that healthcare providers and caregivers are protected,” said Deborah Armstrong, New México State Representative District 17. “No one should be forced to suffer as they die. This bill ensures that New Mexicans are able to make their own medical decisions along with their loved ones and their medical team at the end of life.”

“We are grateful that Representative Armstrong stepped up to champion this measure. Her background in healthcare and reputation of working conscientiously with her colleagues are ideal to ensuring this measure passes and that New Mexicans won’t have to suffer needlessly at the end of life,” said Elizabeth Armijo, Compassion & Choices New México Campaign Organizer.

“We are thrilled that leaders in the legislature like Rep. Armstrong and Rep. McCamley were so quick to step in and fight to secure this compassionate medical care for the people they serve,” said ACLU of New México Policy Director Steven Robert Allen. “Our commitment to medical aid in dying doesn’t end in the courtroom, and we are looking forward to working with the legislature to expand end-of-life options for terminally ill New Mexicans.”

Medical aid in dying already enjoys wide support in New México and around the country. In a public opinion poll conducted by Research & Polling Inc., 80% of New Mexicans agreed that “the decision of a terminally ill patient to receive medication to bring about his/her death is a personal decision between the patient and his/her doctor.” In neighboring Colorado, 65% of voters voted in support of a ballot initiative authorizing the practice this past November.

Medical aid in dying is authorized in six states – Oregon, Washington, Vermont, California, Montana and Colorado – and recently was approved by Washington, D.C., officials, although Congress has the final say.