• June 20th, 2024
  • Thursday, 09:32:14 AM

Joe Biden Makes Sense for Pueblo


Alexandra Montez


November 3, 2012, five days before the 2012 Presidential Election, Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in my hometown of Pueblo, Colorado.
As a Latina, I was raised to be aware of the world beyond my community, to understand the value of my vote, to understand why I am a Democrat, and the ideals and principles which it means to be female, ethnic and middle class.

Joe Biden’s story resonates with those of us in Pueblo.

In Pueblo, like many Latino communities, we lift each other. And Joe Biden understands this unity—the “Pueblo” culture. This is why we, enel-pueblito mentality, support Joe Biden’s agenda to lift the Latino community. He understands our health care needs and the need to expand access to quality, affordable health care.
Almost a decade ago, Joe Biden spoke from his heart, with honesty and humility. He recognized and acknowledged my community, women, and Latinos in Pueblo and throughout the country as an important part of what makes the identity of América.
Joe Biden continues to recognize our needs as a Latino community. Joe’s plan commits to investing in Latino’s economic mobility, combating hate crimes and violence, expanding access to high-quality education and tackling racial inequity in our education system.

We desperately need a President who cares about and relates to common people and understands our plight. It has been almost a decade since Joe Biden connected with all of us in that gymnasium. Today, he continues to champion for us as I will champion for him.

I urge you all to support this community and vote for Joe Biden. And in addition to voting, make sure your friends and neighbors vote and vote early.

Alexandra Montez currently works for a law firm in Pueblo, Colorado.


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