• April 15th, 2024
  • Monday, 10:42:02 PM

Is King Trump a Racist?

King Trump is living in the wrong nation. Absolute Monarchy does not exist in the United States of América. Divine intervention did not place Donald Trump in this positon and he doesn’t belong to royalty. As he has demonstrated, he is very fallible. Many, even within in his own ilk, have characterized him as a pathological liar, incompetent and lacking discipline. His top down leadership resembles tyranny. Americans should be glad that there are sympathizers that have placed stop gap measures on his policy decisions.

The Republican Party has worked itself into a quandary as tensions in the White House are growing while the President attempts to re-write the American narrative, taking us back in time and reviving old racist attitudes that prevailed and nearly destroyed this society in a Civil War.  Christopher Cantwell, one of the leaders from Unite the Right who seemingly is leading the race war in Charlottesville, Virginia heralds President Trump as an American hero. President Trump is being touted by Ex Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke who publicly thanked the President for his “honest and courage to tell the truth.” Duke has called for a revolution that from what just occurred in Charlottesville is headed towards mucho violence. Although backsliding has occurred, thanks to our democracy, no telling what King Trump would do.

Republican Party members are afraid to call a spade a spade. They are sidestepping any questions directed at the President that might be perceived as inappropriate and harmful to his reputation. This is laughable. The Party’s leader lambasts anyone who disagrees with his outrageous comments, taking control of the podium during press conferences and media coverage. He identifies his number one enemy as the media that creates Fake News, especially those journalists who are accused of attacking him with what he believes are insidious questions, but which are in reality critical questions that the public has to right to know about. What an admirable addition to our journalistic nomenclature.

The Republican Party has worked itself into a quandary as tensions in the White House are growing while the President attempts to re-write the American narrative, taking us back in time and reviving old racist attitudes that prevailed and nearly destroyed this society in a Civil War

How many strands of White Nationalism exist in the White House? No one has asked Donald Trump if he is a racist either consciously or unconsciously or if he belongs to groups who have vowed to take América back, a promise ostensibly made to the White Supremacist and Nazi groups during his campaign. No one has asked the question about Trump’s affiliation, association or membership in any of the racist clubs.  If someone from his administration that purports to disavow themselves from his racist remarks, did this, it could conceivably lead to a dishonorable discharge from Trump’s administration and an escort out the front door. His response to journalists would be, Fake News.  Republicans are behaving out of obligation and duty to the party. They are walking on egg shells, carefully avoiding any remarks that might incriminate them or make the president look bad. Trump has created a culture of paranoia in the White House, a culture that prohibits honest dialogue. Paranoid organizational cultures destroy a free society.  Paranoia is frightful; it leads to distrust and guardedness that is incipient.  Fear of speaking one’s truth leaves a godawful and self-degrading feeling in one’s stomach. One’s humanity dwindles as courage drowns in a self-fulling prophecy that you are a bad person for not speaking out.  Those lackeys that hang onto the President during press conferences simply agree and support his commentary, no matter how disrespectful it is to any group. A paranoid culture will eventually tear away at the seams of a Constitution that pledges freedom of speech to its citizens. I doubt that there will be mass exodus from the White House; although I would speculate that this has crossed many minds. Others will continue to bite their tongues in disapproval but holding onto mum as the word.

Trumps behavior since the Obama Administration has raised the eyebrows of many. He participated in the birther movement against Obama. His admonition about Obama’s citizenship should have been a clue to who he is as a person, using his money to buy votes and influence. He is a juggernaut. To demand citizenship papers from a President of the United States of América, with a reward, is an embarrassment. His attack on U.S. district Judge Gonzalo Curiel from the Southern District of California, accusing him of being biased was a disgrace, but it did reinforce his disdain for Mexicans, many who have toiled in his billion dollar industries. The wall that he promised to build with Mexican pesos was a complete flop. If it is built, which is very doubtful, it will be paid for by American taxpayer dollars, probably with Mexican labor.

The President covers up his rhetoric by reinventing his stories. General “Black Jack” Pershing’s fable is a good example. His babbling has destroyed what is left of intellectual discourse as idiots roam the streets hurling verbal and destructive mortars as hate is cemented into the consciousness of the American public. Hysteria has taken over while the innocent wait for the next attack. Other verbal assaults against Jews, a religion that his daughter recently joined, gays, disabled, elderly and immigrants are classic examples of bigotry at its finest.

I dare you to call a spade a spade!

Dr. Ramón Del Castillo is an Independent Journalist. © 8-21-2017 Ramón Del Castillo.