• October 1st, 2023
  • Sunday, 09:56:14 AM

I Stand With These Teachers!

Jorge Hernández


Editor’s Note: The following is a letter in support of the Denver Public Schools teachers and administrators, from DPS student Jorge Hernández.


I am a Senior Student at South High School. I have been a Denver Public School (DPS) Student since Early Childhood Education (ECE) and I can say I am grateful for the amazing journey I have had with DPS.

I have had fun, sad, exciting moments with DPS from losing a great principal in Elementary, Principal Heather Regan. To having the best Middle School experience with Principal Dawkins, his administration and staff. To having 4 principals at South High, best one being Principal Jennifer Hanson. Of course, this being my opinion. Over all, no matter what type of teacher, administrator or principal you are. Everyone must deserve a great pay. I can mention various DPS teachers I have had that I sincerely give my love to, you know why? because of them I am where I am today! I am a great role model for my church, they always encourage me to become a better person!

Graca Pereira- Bradley International, Heather Regan- Bradley International, Kathy Crane- Bradley International, Michelle Lihou- Bradley International, Ms. Forth- Hamilton Middle, Kristina Arlt- Hamilton Middle, Rita Kyker- Hamilton Middle, Eva Bridgeforth- Hamilton Middle, Nicholas Dawkins- Hamilton Middle, Yolanda Greer- Hamilton Middle, Juli Yacovetta- Hamilton Middle, Mr. Mann- Hamilton Middle, Ms. Howell- Hamilton Middle, Shirene Patterson- Hamilton Middle & South High, Joseph DeMers- Hamilton Middle & South High, Fernando Pabon- South High, Pamela Hollenback- South High, Nick Childers- South High, Jennifer Hanson- South High, Erika Hyzer- South High, Rachel Knaizer- South High, Alex Wentz- South High, William Schoolman- South High, Don Reynolds- South High , and Beth Strictland- South High —

Are all a great part of my life, they always pushed me to be better in order to help others do better! The reason why I send this email is because I know the passion that these teachers/principals/administrators have towards the students. They come every day with a huge smile on their face no matter how much a student can disrespect them, but they have the passion to do it, they do the best they can to get us to be successful and it depends on the student to succeed or not, for this reason, I am hoping you guys open your eyes to see the passion these teachers have, to educate your students.

With all your respect, but Ms. Susana Cordova, you are a Latina, I was excited to see a Latina step into a very important job and to see how you let your staff, OUR TEACHERS down is very frustrating. I come home crying telling my parents that these teachers bust their butts off for us and they have used their own money to supply tools for us, to give up their own time for us, to be the person that students trust; and to deserve a misery is frustrating. I am praying to God, that may he open your eyes to help the teachers in need, to give them what they deserve. You more than anything know how much this means to me, if it didn’t I wouldn’t take the time to write this letter to you. Do the best you can for our teachers! They do not want to go on strike and neither do I and neither do you! So, do the best you can. I see no advantage in bringing substitutes into school when we don’t get the education we want. And if I don’t get the education I deserve, my voice will be even louder. This is not a threat, but please help these teachers. I stand with these teachers! May God give you peace, love, and sovereignty. God bless you all.


Jorge Hernández is a Denver student and President of PNCC Youth Central Diocese, Vice-President of NUYA, President/Coordinator of St. Francis of Assisi Youth Group and Member of the PNCC.


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