• November 30th, 2023
  • Thursday, 03:45:58 AM

Experience Counts: Debbie Ortega for Council At-Large

Photo: Courtesy Ortega At Large Debbie Ortega for Denver’s Council At-Large.

PUBLISHER NOTE: This week, we decided to republish our endorsements for Denver candidates — Lisa Calderón for Denver Mayor, Candi CdeBaca for Denver City Council District 9, Debbie Ortega for Denver City Council at Large, and Amanda Sandoval for City Council District 1 – to remind voters that these valued candidates stand for integrity and will work for all of Denver’s residents.
Remember to vote by May 7th!


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Chris M. Frésquez


It feels as though face-to-face human connection is slowly being lost as we gravitate to a world dominated by social media and technology. It has become easier to leave emotions out and create an image of what suits us best for the moment.

For some, this may be acceptable, but for public office it is not.

Too often, once elected officials get into office the screens go up, “fill-in-the blank” statements are released, and meetings or a returned call depends on who you are. There seems to be little regard for transparency and accountability.

We should not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to that anymore.

It’s time to elect respected leadership, so that we can get back to a country that values its’ people and those who come here for a chance to share in our dream of equality, safety and prosperity for their families.

We need to lead by example, and it is time to do just that.

With these values in mind, The Weekly Issue/El Semanario announces our endorsement of Debbie Ortega, Council At-Large Candidate for the City of Denver, and current Council At-Large member.

For over 29 years, Debbie is someone who I have always counted on for answers, transparency and accountability. For better or worse, a call would always be made. We had our conversations open and to the point, discussing what needed to be addressed. Never losing sight of respect for one another, even if we disagreed.

I first met Debbie, when our publication was in its first year of publishing. I followed Debbie on her campaign trail, standing on the sidewalk taking pictures, as she canvassed for her second term as City Councilwoman in District 9. She walked alone, no entourage, only face-to-face conversation with constituents.

Debbie has built lasting relationships and established tremendous progress during her term in District 9. From there, she continued her work by helping Denver’s homeless community and continued advocacy for the City of Denver. Her first term at-large was a big undertaking from the days of District 9. The City had grown. Tasks became larger and more complicated. Denver was no longer a small town and the mechanism of city government had changed to embrace its growth.

Denver has experienced a large increase in population and requires sound leadership with a strong vision that will not lose sight of our values and will protect the City for future generations. There must be compromise, but not at the stake of its communities or of its services.

I recently sat down with Debbie to discuss our current issues in the City. Her demeanor same as ever, never wavering. Straight direct answers, giving all aspects, good or bad.

I have always admired her strength to stay the course when things were stacked against her, even by her colleagues and the administration. Debbie never gave up. Never forgetting the faces or conversations that are always on the forefront of her actions.

Debbie’s years as Councilwoman in District 9 and as Councilwoman At-Large, has given her the experience to manage a city. She has built a trust among her constituents that is well earned.

In this week’s edition, we feature Debbie in our Ask the Candidate series on page 8, where she openly discusses her efforts and where she stands on pressing issues facing Denver.

Vote for Debbie Ortega on May 7th for Denver’s Council At-Large.







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