• March 2nd, 2024
  • Saturday, 03:18:43 AM

El Semanario Endorses Debbie Ortega for Denver Mayor

Photo: Ortega for Denver Debbie Ortega, Denver City Councilwoman At-Large


The next mayor of Denver must address the blatant inequities across all spectrums of the City, while maintaining its’ economic investments and presenting secure and transparent leadership. Debbie Ortega, Denver City Councilwoman At-Large, has the utmost integrity, and decades of experience and knowledge to be elected as Denver’s next Mayor.


The Weekly Issue/El Semanario is proud to endorse Debbie Ortega for Mayor of Denver.


For over three decades, Debbie has garnered the trust of her constituents and has been a constant source of progressive action throughout the City of Denver. In her role as Councilwoman, serving District 9 (1997-2003) and At-Large (2011-current), she has delivered on her campaign pledges to create equity and a voice for those who don’t always have a seat at the table.


Debbie understands the intricate levels of government and has been courageous in speaking out when the functions of city politics have not been inclusive to all of Denver’s residents. She is a trusted person of sound moral character and never diminishes the voices of her constituents.


As a City of Denver Councilwoman, Debbie has never wavered in her commitment to serve the people who elected her to office. She understands the core of family struggles—her father died in a coal mine accident when she was five, leaving her mother alone to raise Debbie and her four siblings. She was raised with integrity and humility and has instilled the same qualities within her family. Debbie knows the multitude of challenges that Denver residents are facing and the economic struggles to remain in their beloved City.


During her tenure in District 9—a district with one of the city’s most economically and environmentally challenged communities—Debbie was instrumental in the cleanup of the ASARCO Superfund Site, that for years held dangerous levels of contamination in the soil and air in north Denver. Prior to the construction efforts along the I-70 corridor, Debbie demanded health and safety measures for the neighboring residents, schools and businesses, and she advocated for affordable housing and job opportunities for residents.


Debbie expanded her advocacy role when she was elected as an At Large representative, setting in place numerous neighborhood protections and regulations, establishing economic development opportunities and championed environmental concerns and park land designation.


She has consistently won Denver elections since 1997—with large margins in 2015 and 2019—due to her genuine commitment and accountability to the people of Denver.


Debbie realizes the extreme hardships Denver is facing with a record number of unhoused people, and is promoting solutions for this crisis, while working with affected businesses and communities. Additionally, she precisely outlines her campaign platform issues with defining accomplishments and sound solutions on housing, safety, jobs, transit, homelessness, quality of life, and climate.


Through these solutions, she clearly understands the concept of representing all people, with a well-defined plan to lead Denver in its next phase.


To support Debbie in her efforts to become the next mayor of Denver, visit DebbieOrtega.com.


The Weekly Issue/El Semanario Editorial Board