• July 20th, 2024
  • Saturday, 03:18:25 PM

East L.A. Classic: The All-Americans

The All-Americans sigue a cuatro estudiantes que buscan la gloria en el campo de juego, mientras lidian con obstáculos personales y se esfuerzan por comprender el lugar de su comunidad en el Estados Unidos de la actualidad.

Abramorama announced the theatrical release of Delirio Films’ feature length documentary The All-Americans, a film set in East L.A. about immigration, community, and football. The film marks award winning writer/editor Billy McMillin’s directorial debut (Iraq In Fragments, West of Memphis). Abramorama will release The All-Americans in theaters across the country timed to the annual East L.A. Classic, the massive rivalry football game between Garfield and Roosevelt High Schools at the center of the film. Nike, who have committed longstanding service to the community of East L.A. and its two rival high schools, are also supporting the film’s launch.

Home to the nation’s largest Latino immigrant population, East Los Angeles sits squarely in the crossfire of debate about American identity. Yet every November, this community comes together for a distinctly American event, drawing 25,000 proud locals to one of the country’s fiercest high school football rivalry games: The East L.A. Classic. The All-Americans follows four students seeking glory on the field, while grappling with personal obstacles and striving to make sense of their community’s place in today’s América.
Director Billy McMillin said, “I decided that I wanted to explore the immigrant experience through the lens of this incredible football story, while departing from the stereotypical tropes of most sports films. The All-Americans is not about one ragtag team prevailing over a villain team; it’s about East L.A. and how this unique community fits into the América of today. Not in a static way, but like all immigrant communities before them, in a way that is complex, evolving, growing, and changing the country.”

Photo: Courtesy Abramorama The All-Americans, a film set in East L.A. about immigration, community, and football.

Producers Rafael Marmor and Christopher Leggett added, “From the first time Billy pitched us the idea for this film, we were immediately struck by how such a storied, massively attended game could be essentially unheard of outside the borders of East L.A. We are so proud to shine a spotlight on this incredible community’s celebrated tradition, and to give voice to the stories of the student athletes whose unbreakable drive and determination exemplify the American Dream.”

Executive Producer Becky G added, “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be involved with The All-Americans film. The narrative is something that my family and I immediately connected with and only cements the pride I have in my heritage. I strongly believe it is important to tell these stories and am happy to have played a part in helping the team share theirs.”

For tickets and more information go to: All Americans.


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