• June 27th, 2022
  • Monday, 06:34:31 AM

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Driver’s License for All Committee Launches New Campaign

In 2013, The Driver’s License for All Committee in Denver, Colorado, along with community support, faith organizations, governmental entities and legislators made SB251 possible, “The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act” became law and has been implemented. Since then, more than 40,000 immigrants without immigration status have obtained an identification, an instruction permit or a driver’s license.

Unfortunately, the demand to obtain any of these documents exceeds the limited attention that the Division of Motorized Vehicles gives to the community.

The Republican-majority Colorado state Senate has amended the SB251 implementation not only to further reduce the service but also by setting a limit of 60,000 processed documents, at the point when the Motor Vehicle Division must also reduce from three offices currently serving SB251, to only one office.

Some people without immigration status had the opportunity to obtain a social security card and are unable to obtain an ITIN. Unfortunately, at the discretion of the Motor Vehicles Division, these immigrants do not qualify to file a license under SB251.

In addition to the above, after 3 years of granting IDs, driving permits or driver’s licenses, there are people who need to renew their license.

The Driver’s License for All Committee is beginning a campaign for a new ballot initiative to appear on the 2018 ballot and improve implementation of SB251. They need 150,000 signatures of registered US citizens to vote, we need donations and the support of the community.

The Committee calls on more than 40,000 SB251-beneficiaries to support with a donation of $20, asking support from businesses, pro-immigrant groups, faith communities and the community at large.

Let Colorado’s roads and communities be a safe place to drive.

The community is invited to learn about the Committee’s campaign on Thursday July 20, at 7pm at Salon Ocampo, 1733 W. Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO.

Driver’s License for All Committee is a grassroots group that emerged from the campaign effort to bring the Initiative 52 to the ballot, which collected more than 30,000 signatures, with the participation of at least 1200 volunteers and a limited budget of $ 12,000. For more information, please visit the Facebook.com/Driver’s License for All Coloradans.