• October 4th, 2022
  • Tuesday, 01:49:01 PM

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Donations Needed for México’s Earthquake Victims

As the massive damage, tragic loss of life, and extensive injuries from the recent magnitude 8.1 earthquake in México come into focus, Direct Relief has made an initial cash commitment of $100,000 for the immediate deployment of emergency medical response personnel and essential medical supplies.

The Mexican states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, which were close to the epicenter, recorded fatalities and massive infrastructure damage. The death toll is likely to climb as response continues.

The organization’s staff in México made an initial delivery of requested medications and supplies in Oaxaca, México, and are coordinating activities with the Comité Operacional de Emergencia, as well as the State Ministry of Health, COFEPRIS, local health jurisdictions, and the Federal Ministry of Health.

The initial commitment of $100,000 is from the organization’s general funds, and not dependent on whether the organization receives contributions designated for this particular event.  Moreover, consistent with the obligation to honor donor intent, 100% of any and all donations designated for México by donors will be used exclusively for this purpose, not for the organization’s general operations or other program activities outside of México.

Direct Relief México is a registered Asociación Civil in México and was granted tax-deductible status (Donataria Autorizada) from the Mexican government in 2014.

This status allows companies and individuals in México to receive tax benefits for donations to Direct Relief México.

To donate: directrelief.org.


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