• April 24th, 2024
  • Wednesday, 06:34:40 PM

DHA Partners with Starry, Inc. for Affordable Internet Service

Photo: Chanel Ward/© The Weekly Issue/El Semanario Ismael Guerrero, Executive Director, Denver Housing Authority announced a new partnership with Starry, Inc., that will offer high-capacity internet service for $15 a month to select residents.

By Chanel Ward


Over 26,000 Denver Housing Authority (DHA) residents – of affordable and public housing – will soon be introduced to a brand new, high-capacity internet service for only $15 a month through its partnership with Starry, Inc., a simple and affordable new way to connect people to high-speed internet without bundles, data caps or long-term contracts.

DHA and Starry celebrated their new partnership with a bill cutting last month, at the Thomas Bean Tower in Denver, CO.


The Central Denver, low-income housing complex hosted the event, where about 40 people gathered to learn more about the opportunity to join and enjoyed refreshments and snacks.

“I’m glad to see so many of our residents here, our local resident council officers who are here as well, again, thank you all for hosting us and to our DHA team for helping put this together,” acknowledged Ismael Guerrero, Executive Director at DHA.

Photo: Chanel Ward/© The Weekly Issue/El Semanario Stephen Andrade, Starry, Inc. General Manager, Chet Kanojia, Starry, Inc., Founder and CEO, Craig, Denver Housing Authority resident and president for the local resident council; and Ismael Guerrero, Executive Director, Denver Housing Authority.

Guerrero explained, “We’re here today because Internet access should really be as simple and seamless as any other utility that is essential for daily living. Reliable, affordable high-speed Internet should be as simple as hot and cold running water coming out of your faucet when you turn the knob.”

Guerrero continued, “That’s how essential it is, that’s how important it is, and that’s how accessible it should be to all of us regardless of your income, regardless of where you live.”

CEO and founder of Starry, Inc.,

Chet Kanojia, CEO and founder of Starry, Inc., expressed gratitude regarding the partnership with DHA, and explained the need for affordable internet services.

“Unfortunately, in the US, seventy percent of the households with access have no competitive alternative and it’s largely the cable companies that provide that,” said Kanojia.

“When we started the company, Starry that was part of the mission, we wanted to have a competitive alternative. Why? Because competition brings quality up and prices down and second is really to invest in the urban infrastructure,” Kanojia detailed.

Photo: Chanel Ward/© The Weekly Issue/El Semanario Thomas Bean Tower residents gather around Stella L. Madrid, DHA Intergovernmental and Community Affairs Officer (front left,), with Craig in his Starry hat standing next to DHA Executive Director, Ismael Guerrero (back right).

“I want to ensure you, we are a leading edge technical company. This is 5G we are deploying, so you are not getting some leftover scraps from a cable yard, this is cutting edge technology that most people in the world don’t have access to.”

Starry says it is committed to providing Internet access simply and honestly and will include all taxes and fees in its pricing with no surprise billing.

Thomas Bean Tower’s first Starry customer, Craig, who was elected by his peers to serve as president for the local resident council, received the Resident Champion title and helped cut the internet bill, metaphorically and physically. Craig will also be joining the board of commissioners for DHA, representing the resident voice and experience this month.

Starry, Inc. launched in Denver starting in April of 2019 and offers its services for $50 a month, again without bundles or long-term contracts and with 24/7 customer care. Residents at Vida, Connole Apartments, and Thomas Bean Towers can also choose to upgrade to this plan. Starry is currently available in select areas in Denver. DHA residents can see if their building is in included or to sign up, visit: starry.com/internet.


Chanel Ward is an Independent Reporter for The Weekly Issue/El Semanario.