• April 14th, 2024
  • Sunday, 01:21:54 AM

Denver Sheriff Department Offers Individuals in Jail an Opportunity to Vote In-Person


 Individuals in Denver jails cast their ballots in person for the 2023 Mayoral run-off election due to the partnership between the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD), Office of Clerk & Recorder’s Elections Division, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) and League of Women Voters. Polling centers were set up in the Downtown Detention Center on May 31 and Denver County Jail on June 1.


This same partnership also ensured those in Denver’s custody who were eligible have ample time to register to vote. This was the seventh year of educating those in custody about their right to vote and giving them the opportunity to register. Individuals also voted through the mail-in ballot process. This program is supported by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Clerk and Recorder Paul D. López, and Executive Director of Safety Armando Saldate.


“In 2020, we began providing polling locations in Denver jails for individuals in custody to vote, and it has been very well received,” said Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins. “It’s important that we respect the rights of eligible voters who are here to do so, as we educate and offer opportunities for them as well.”


“Enfranchising voters across Denver is our primary concern. We are excited to build on our partnership of offering not just voter registration but voting options for our residents in Denver’s jails,” stated Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder.


The Confined Voting Program ensures that all eligible voters confined to the Denver County Jail or the Downtown Detention Center in the pre-trial process or serving a misdemeanor sentence have access to register to vote and participate in the elections process. The Office of Clerk & Recorder’s Elections Division coordinates with the Denver Department of Safety and City Attorney’s Office to ensure accessibility for all eligible voters and has developed an innovative confined voting program that recently includes the addition of Polling Centers for the 2023 municipal election.