• June 22nd, 2024
  • Saturday, 09:49:04 PM

Denver Celebrates Holiday At The Points

“Holiday in the Points” is the Five Points Neighborhood’s soulful celebration of the Christmas Holiday. The purpose of the celebration is to generate traffic to the businesses in one of Denver’s oldest cultural neighborhoods, and to promote the Five Points Business District citywide. Each year, the Five Points Business District presents the celebration as a way to get neighbors, tourists, and holiday shoppers to visit this ever-changing business corridor.

For 2016, the celebration will span from December 11, 2016 to January 1, 2017, with a “Turn On The Lights” Ceremony set for Sunday, December 11, at Coffee at the Point from 4-5:30pm. The kick-off ceremony will include music, remarks from elected officials and district leadership; as well as the official turning on of the holiday lights with help from a “Celebrity Switch Master”

Five Points jazz legend Charlie Burrell. In some circles, Charlie Burrell is known as the Jackie Robinson of classical music. From meager beginnings in Detroit, he traveled to Denver with his bass in tow, looking for his future. Eventually, he found it as one of the first African-American classical musicians in the nation. Burrell, who’s image is one of the murals on the Deep Rock wall, is a national and iconic jazz musician who broke the color barrier by integrating several orchestra’s around the country, including here in Denver. As one of Five Points’ most iconic figures, it is with great pleasure to have him turn on the lights at this year’s ceremony.

The holiday lights will span along Welton Street on the 2600 and 2700 blocks and the 2500 block of Washington Street.

A live 18′-20′ Christmas tree will sit in the heart of the corridor in front of Coffee at the Point during the three week celebration. The tree is compliments of the City & County of Denver’s Parks & Recreation Department and is coordinated by board member David Hicks and his company Utopia.

Entertainment includes the Hendersons Band is a Denver based group of young, lively and entertaining musicians that love to move, and connect with the crowd. Every family member plays an instrument and they cover every genre of music from old and new – including R & B, soul, jazz, rock and alternative music. Their unique sound shines through in the lively rendition of “Moondance” from the keyboard player to a compelling “Hotel California” sung by the lead guitarist, or in the belted out vocals of R&B standards with a funky bass. The Henderson’s music is a uniquely blended sound that results from years of playing together. Bongos, bass, drums and acoustic guitar round out there performance with vocals from every member of the band.