• June 14th, 2024
  • Friday, 06:47:26 AM

Denver Academy Middle School Campos EPC SMART Lab


Opening Fall 2020


Denver Academy (DA), an independent school serving diverse learners in grades 1-12, will open the second SMART (Science, Math, Art, Robotics and Technology) Lab at the school in the fall of 2020 provided through a grant from the Campos EPC Foundation.

The DA Middle School Campos EPC SMART Lab will serve students in grades 7-8. It will utilize learning materials and a curriculum developed by Creative Learning Systems that includes hands-on exploration of circuitry, computer graphics, digital communications, mechanics and structures, robotics, scientific data and analysis, software engineering, and sustainability.

“The Campos EPC SMART Lab for our Elementary and 6th Grade students was incredibly successful in engaging our students during its first year,” said Denver Academy Head of School Mark Twarogowski. “We’re excited about the opportunity to expand this curriculum to our Middle School and are so grateful to the Campos EPC Foundation for its investment of over $300,000 in support of both SMART Labs at DA.”

With the support of Campos EPC Foundation, the first SMART Lab at Denver Academy opened in the Elementary/6th Grade Building for students in grades 2-6 in 2019. Throughout the year, the school’s youngest students benefited from instruction in the Campos EPC SMART Lab and were able to learn computer coding, problem-solving, and project management. Based on the lab’s success, Denver Academy and Campos EPC are now partnering to bring an additional lab to the DA Middle School.

“We lose a lot of middle and high school girls away from the engineering field because they stop feeling confident in math and science. With the new Campos EPC SMART Lab at Denver Academy, our daughter Charlotte is really able to show her strengths,” said Engineer and DA 6th-grade Parent Caroline Zwick.

Watch a video about Denver Academy’s Elementary/6th Grade SMART Lab and the school’s partnership with Campos EPC here:

“To be able to continue our partnership with Denver Academy and build a SMART Lab for middle schoolers is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what these bright minds discover,” said Marco Campos, the founder and Managing Principal of Campos EPC. “Campos EPC is about more than just energy infrastructure, we want to build a better future for our communities and our kids.”

Campos EPC is a company that supports the energy infrastructure industry with headquarters in Denver. Smart Labs, like the one at Denver Academy, are a community outreach effort of the company through its non-profit Campos EPC Foundation, which directly impacts more than 3,900 students per year. The Foundation’s mission is to elevate under-represented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives. Find out more about Campos EPC Foundation’s community outreach efforts at camposepc.com  here.

Founded in 1972, Denver Academy believes that students thrive when taught in the way they learn best. DA is one of the top schools in the nation dedicated to teaching diverse learners, including those with dyslexia, ADHD, twice-exceptional students and those with other learning differences. DA’s innovative, proven learning model is based on the balanced application of classroom management, information processing, and academic literacy. Small class sizes of 12-14 students facilitate student-centered differentiated instruction. Flexible placement and several academic levels within each core subject, including honors classes and advanced coursework, allow faculty to teach to each student’s optimal level. For more information, visit www.denveracademy.org