• May 24th, 2024
  • Friday, 11:50:00 PM

Denver: 100% Clean Electricity by 2030

Photo: Sierra Club Denver Mayor Michael Hancock surrounded by Sierra Club volunteers.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recently unveiled the City of Denver’s 80×50 Climate Action Plan, which includes the goal of transitioning Denver to 100 percent clean, renewable electricity by 2030. Denver represents the 73rd city in the United States to commit to 100 percent clean energy and joins nine other Colorado communities that have also adopted a 100 percent clean energy goal.
“Climate change threatens our people directly, putting our health, environment and economy – our very way of life – at risk,” said Hancock, who announced Denver’s commitment to 100 percent clean energy during his State of the City address on July 16th.
In addition to the goal of powering all electricity in Denver entirely with clean, renewable energy by 2030, other goals include: Optimizing energy efficiency in buildings including adopting net-zero building code for new construction by 2035; and 100 percent light-duty vehicles, taxis, and car shares are electric by 2050

“This is a huge victory for Colorado.”
Jim Alexee, Sierra Club

Denver’s commitment to move to 100 percent clean, renewable electricity builds on a report issued by the City of Denver’s Office of Sustainability last year that found transitioning Denver to 100 percent clean and renewable energy is vital for the city to achieve its carbon pollution reduction goals. Denver’s 100 percent clean energy commitment is supported by Xcel Energy—Denver’s electric utility provider—which will work with the city to reach their targets under an agreement reached with Mayor Hancock earlier this year. The goal has also been supported by a varied coalition of over 50 nonprofits and businesses.
“This is a huge victory for Colorado. We are currently witnessing the catastrophic effects of climate change, illustrated by statewide droughts that are drying our rivers and sparking massive wildfires. With a commitment to 100 percent clean energy, our capital city is demonstrating that it is taking serious action on these issues. We look forward to working with city officials and our local partners to make this commitment a reality and to ensure that Denverites receive the greatest benefits through an equitable clean energy transition,” said Jim Alexee, Director of the Sierra Club’s Colorado Chapter.
“Denver’s plan for a clean energy transition, while critical to defending our climate, is also necessary to protect our health. As a local respiratory doctor, I’ve seen first-hand the damaging health effects of pollution from the production, transportation, and burning of dirty fossil fuels can have on our families. By transitioning  Denver to 100 percent clean and renewable electricity, we’ll be ensuring a healthier community for generations to come,” said Denver Respiratory Doctor Jason McCarl.