• April 22nd, 2024
  • Monday, 09:22:59 AM

Debbie Ortega Will Prioritize the People Over Big Donors, Special Interests

Photo: Debbie Ortega for Mayor Debbie Ortega


Heather Bruce


With unprecedented amounts of dark money pouring into Denver’s upcoming mayoral election, it is essential that the people of Denver vote for a candidate who will prioritize the people over big donors and special interests. Denver City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega is a grassroots mayoral candidate who always places the wellbeing of the people of Denver over the profits of large corporations.


While the Fair Elections Fund has increased the small dollar donations made by individual Denverites, the $500 limit that it places on individual donations has motivated big donors to fund Independent Expenditure Committees. These donations are not subject to any limitations regarding the amount or the source of the money. Many of these dark money donors are big businesses and for-profit corporations from outside of Colorado, intent on pushing agendas that go directly against the best interests of most Denverites.


Unlike some of the other candidates in this mayoral race, Councilwoman Debbie Ortega is truly a grassroots candidate who is primarily funded by small dollar donations from Denver residents. She is not beholden to a small group of large donors; instead, she tirelessly advocates for the people of Denver. Councilwoman Ortega sums up her position concisely, asserting that “I am unwilling to compromise my integrity to appeal to the powerful few.”


In addition to being a grassroots candidate, Debbie Ortega has proved time and time again that she values the lives of Denverites over the profits of corporations. Throughout her long career in Denver’s local government, Debbie Ortega has consistently protected the people of Denver from the harmful consequences of unrestricted big business. In her capacity as Denver City Councilwoman At-Large, Debbie Ortega helped to force the cleanup of the ASARCO Superfund Site and blocked the construction of a dangerous medical waste incinerator that was permitted to be sited in North Denver. Furthermore, Debbie Ortega stood up to developers by protecting parkland in response to the Henzel Park land swap, when other city officials decided to replace the park with a new building. Debbie Ortega has a proven track record of placing the needs of the people above the needs of large corporations.


Debbie has been a staunch independent voice in this city for decades. She is the grassroots candidate that deserves our votes.



Heather Bruce is a Denver resident.