• June 21st, 2024
  • Friday, 08:05:17 PM

CPA Endorses candidates for Commerce City and Aurora

Recently, members and supporters of Colorado People’s Action (CPA) gathered virtually to announce the People’s Slate during the 2021 Annual People’s Endorsement Party. CPA endorses John Ronquillo (at-large), Adam Fung (at-large), Crystal Murillo (ward 1), Bryan Lindstrom (ward 2), and Ruben Medina (ward 3) in Aurora. As well as Shenika Carter (at-large), Kristi Douglas (at-large), Lucy Molina (ward 1) and Renée Millard-Chacon (ward 3) in Commerce City.


Colorado People’s Action has had a long history of organizing with the Aurora community and this year will be working to elect their candidates to the City Council in order to win a majority and have a council that is representative of the Aurora community and that will work on the issues that are impacting everyday people. winning building people power in the city of Aurora and this year they are hoping to win a progressive majority to fight for an Aurora for all.


In a time when Colorado is experiencing some of the worst air quality in the world and when the people of Commerce City have long experienced bad air quality and water quality, residents cannot afford to live and work in their own city, CPA is standing behind an all women led slate that will put people first and work to hold corporate polluters accountable and create a Commerce City that supports the community. nd fight for the people of commerce city in the city to put people and planet over profit.


Seven out of the nine candidates endorsed by CPA are people of color and all are impacted by our core priority issue campaigns; members of our community who; know what it is like to struggle to make ends meet or have worked to pay their workers a livable wage, they are mothers, activists, immigrants, and people that have been on the ground fighting for a better life for themselves, their family and their community for years.  due to non-livable wages, who have to deal with the consequences of breathing toxic air in their own backyards and know the importance of keeping families together. We are proud to support candidates that reflect the communities that they are running to represent.


Commerce city and Aurora need leaders who will put the needs of our community first, rather than a political agenda, rise to the needs and expectations of our communities. Through co-governance, CPA will hold our leaders accountable to championing our People’s Platform which includes: racial justice, putting people and planet first, an economy that works for all, a just and humane immigration system, and a people’s democracy. All nine endorsed candidates have committed to this People’s Platform.


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