• July 20th, 2024
  • Saturday, 05:52:50 AM

Congressman Neguse Represents Colorado at UN Climate Conference

Photo: Office Rep. Neguse Congressman Joe Neguse, the only member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis from the Rocky Mountain West, arrived in Glasgow, Scotland for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).


This week, Congressman Joe Neguse, the only member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis from the Rocky Mountain West, arrived in Glasgow, Scotland for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Neguse is part of a small delegation led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which includes House Committee Chairs, members of the Climate Crisis Committee and others.


The delegation represents a small contingent in Congress committed to taking bold, meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis. In Glasgow, the delegation will participate in bilateral meetings, panel discussions and other engagements with global leaders on top climate priorities, including the recent IPCC report, gender equity and public-private sector coordination on climate action. Congressman Neguse attended COP25 in Madrid, Spain in 2019. 


“In Colorado, we are leading the way on climate science, ingenuity and action. Our state boasts world class universities and laboratories in earth science and climate change, and ambitious local and state government officials who are leading the way with policy action. Colorado continues to prove ourselves ready to implement the solutions of the future. It’s an example we must continue to set for the nation and for the world,”


said Congressman Joe Neguse. “That’s why I’m excited to bring the voice of Coloradans to COP26, and participate in critically important international discussions about needed action to build a brighter future. As the Congress is poised to pass the Build Back Better Act and deliver on transformational legislation to solve the climate crisis, this visit to Glasgow is essential to assure the world that the U.S. is making good on our promise to lead the globe in action.”


“The climate crisis is the existential threat of our time, and America must continue to bring our boldest ambitions to the table to meet and beat our climate action goals,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Together with this outstanding, experienced and diverse delegation including Committee Chairs, Members of the House Select Committee on Climate Crisis and respected Members of Congress, I am honored to once again return to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to convey the strong commitment of the U.S. Congress in addressing this crisis and doing so in a way that puts justice and equity – particularly for indigenous communities – first. As the world faces ‘Code Red for Humanity’ because of the climate crisis, America has the great responsibility and opportunity to meet this moment.  Led by President Biden and the Democratic Congress, we will do just that: advancing clean air and clean water for public health, creating good-paying green jobs and advancing our pre-eminence in green technologies, protecting our national security and leaving our children and grandchildren a healthier planet and a better future.”


Congressman Joe Neguse has made fighting the climate crisis central to his legislative agenda since taking office. He serves as Chair of the U.S. Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands where he is leading on innovative legislation such as the 21st Century Climate Conservation Corps Act, and proposals to tackle western wildfires, support wildland firefighters and preserve Colorado public lands, including the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act, or the CORE Act, which has passed the House four times. As a member of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, he brought the Committee to Boulder, Colorado in 2019 for their first and only field hearing to hear from Coloradans about the urgency of this issue. The Committee’s culminating report includes several of Neguse’s proposals, including his legislation to modernize our federal labs, invest in regenerative agriculture research, expand clean energy, and address climate resiliency threats to our national security. Recently, Congressman Neguse added four climate resiliency provisions to the House-passed NDAA.



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