• June 21st, 2024
  • Friday, 09:44:35 PM

¡Comunidad, Cultura y Fiesta! A Quixote Nuevo Community Celebration

Photo: Courtesy DCPA Quixote Nuevo continues through June 12 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.



Celebrate an evening of Hispanic and Latin American arts and culture at the Quixote Nuevo community celebration — ¡Comunidad, Cultura y Fiesta! Ending the 2022 Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) Theatre Company season with a bash, the free community celebration will bring together dance, live music, and more by fellow Denver community organizations.


The event, held on June 9 from 4:30-7pm in partnership with Colorado Symphony and Arts & Venues, will take place under the glass rooftop of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, (1400 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204), before stepping into the fantastical journey of Quixote Nuevo.


The event will include: Dance performances by ArtistiCO, Live music by Miguel Soldevila, 3D Interactive Sculpture by Artist and Designer, Norberto Mojardin, Travel exhibit by Museo de las Americas, Alebrije art display by the Mexican Cultural Center, Talent curated by our collaborative partner, Colectiva, and ocal food vendors.


Admission is free. Local food and drinks will be available to purchase.


Guests are invited to also extend their experience with discounted tickets to the June 9 performance of DCPA Theatre Company’s Quixote Nuevo, tickets to the Friday, June 10 performance of Colorado Symphony’s México en el Corazón, or the 2022 Latinx Theatre Commons Comedy Carnaval hosted this year at Su Teatro. The 2022 LTC Comedy Carnaval highlights some of the best Latinx comedic talent in the nation. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience three full-length play readings, stand-up and solo performances, and three sketch comedy performances.


“I am thrilled that the DCPA has formed a beautiful collaboration with our community partners to provide a space for the community to come together and celebrate,” said DCPA Director of Community Engagement Jesús Quintana Martínez. “I believe in the saying, ‘La unión hace la fuerza’ or ‘strength through unity,’ and this event is a living example of what we can do when we come together. ¡Comunidad, Cultura y Fiesta! would not be possible without our vibrant Colorado community!”


Quixote Nuevo is set in the fictional modern-day Texas border town of La Plancha, Quixote and his luckless but trusty sidekick, Sancho, embark on a fantastical quest in search of long-lost love. Infused with imagination, comedy, and Tejano music, Quixote Nuevo reveals the joys and perils of facing down Death and becoming the hero of your own story. Quixote Nuevo, by playwright Octavio Solis and directed by Lisa Portes.


“The world that playwright Octavio Solís has created in Quixote Nuevo takes the spirit of the classic Don Quixote, and creates a new journey based in La Pancha, TX filled with comedy, Tejano music, and the quest for love,” said DCPA Theatre Company Artistic Director Chris Coleman. “I am thrilled that we are wrapping up the 2022 Theatre Company season with the perfect production to celebrate the return of theatre.”


In service and celebration of Tejano culture and Cervantes’ classic tale of Don Quixote, audiences can expect to hear lots of music and Spanish language throughout the performance.


Quixote Nuevo continues through June 12 at the DCPA’s Wolf Theater. Tickets for Quixote Nuevo may be purchased here.

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