• April 14th, 2024
  • Sunday, 01:58:43 AM

Colorado People’s Action Endorses Aurora Candidates

Photo: Colorado People’s Action Colorado People’s Action announced their endorsement of five CPA members last week at their annual People’s Endorsement Party: (l-r) Leanne Wheeler, Bryan Lindstron, Alison Coombs, Juan Marcano and Omar Montgomery.

Grassroots governing power organization Colorado People’s Action (CPA) announced their endorsement of five CPA members last week at their annual People’s Endorsement Party. Colorado People’s Action (CPA) members announced their endorsement for Omar Montgomery for Mayor, Juan Marcano for Ward 4, Alison Coombs for Ward 5, Bryan Lindstrom for Ward 6, and Leanne Wheeler for At-Large. CPA has a track record of electing officials in competitive races.

Coming off a historic victory electing Candi CdeBaca to Denver City Council in June, where their efforts resulted in record turnout among working people and communities of color, CPA will continue to build local governing power in Aurora. After years of investment in Aurora, electing three of their members to the Aurora City Council in 2017 on a bold progressive platform, they have a member running for each of the open seats in council including the Mayor’s seat. This year, CPA seeks to win a progressive majority and flip the council from corporate greed to community control. CPA will be on the ground fighting to help its newly endorsed members win this November and ensure the City of Aurora has leadership who will represent the people, not corporate interests, and will be accountable to the communities which they represent.

In order to address Aurora’s cost of living and affordable housing crisis, dangerous fracking, and inhumane immigrant prisons, Aurorans needs accountable elected leaders. Last night, all five endorsed candidates made a public commitment to The People’s Platform for economic, climate, immigrant, and racial justice. CPA endorsed candidates committed to co-governing with the people of Aurora and the Colorado People’s Action (CPA) membership rather than the wealthy 1%, as many entrenched incumbents have done for years.

Colorado People’s Action (CPA) is a member-driven, racial justice organization dedicated to building governing power in Colorado. CPA builds power by mobilizing voters, electing our own people to office, holding elected officials and corporations accountable, and working to put people before profit.