• June 18th, 2024
  • Tuesday, 05:01:12 AM

Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus Endorses Key Legislation

Photo: Lisette Zamora for CO Democratic Latino Caucus Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus members.


 The Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus has endorsed legislation submitted by its members within the parameters of its 2022 Legislative Pillars: Health, Housing, Jobs and Economy, and Advancing Latino Communities. These priorities were identified by the caucus as key issue areas for the 2022 legislative session and include the endorsement of the legislation outlined below.


“For too long Latino communities have been overlooked and under-considered when it comes to the impacts of statewide policy.”
Senator Robert Rodríguez, Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus


The Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus, in collaboration with state and local partners, toured the state last summer to learn about the needs of Latino families in communities across Colorado. A randomized nonpartisan poll of 1,000 Latinos was also conducted to collect real-time data about Colorado Latinos with the goal of better understanding the statewide Latino demographic makeup, issues affecting these families, their policy preferences, and the distinct geographic needs of each region. This community engagement effort helped inform the Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus 2022 Legislative Pillars.




HB22-1289 Health Benefits For Children And Pregnant Persons, (Representatives Gonzales-Gutiérrez and McCluskie and Senator Moreno). Concerning improving access to health benefits for economically insecure Colorado families by enhancing public health programs.




HB22-1082 Establish Fair Housing Unit Department Of Law, (Representatives Bacon and Hooton and Senator Gonzales). Concerning the enforcement of state housing laws by the department of law, and, in connection therewith, establishing a fair housing unit within the department of law.


Jobs & Economy


SB22-099 Sealing Criminal Records, (Senators Rodriguez and Hisey and Representative Tipper). Concerning the procedure for sealing of criminal records for nonviolent offenses, and, in connection therewith, addressing workforce shortages and minimizing barriers to employment for job seekers.


HB22-1356 Small Community-based Nonprofit Grant Program, (Representatives Herod and Hooton and Senators Gonzales and Rankin) Concerning the creation of the small community-based nonprofit infrastructure grant program to provide assistance to nonprofit organizations that have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


HB22-1224 Public Benefits Theft, (Representatives Tipper and Soper and Senator Gonzales) Concerning theft of public benefits.


Advancing Underserved Communities


SB22-150 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives, (Senator Danielson and Representatives Duran and Herod) Concerning responding to the missing indigenous persons crisis, and, in connection therewith, establishing the office of liaison for missing and murdered Indigenous relatives.


SB22-103 Remedy For Improper Guilty Pleas (Senator Gonzales and Representative Tipper) Concerning a remedy for improperly entered guilty pleas.


HB22-1314 Towing Carrier Nonconsensual Tows, (Representatives Ricks and Hooton and Senator Gonzales) Concerning the rights of a person with ownership interest in a vehicle that has been towed from private property without the person’s consent.


HB22-1255 Improve Higher Education for Students With A Disability,  (Representatives Ortiz and Bradfield and Senators Zenzinger and Kirkmeyer).


HB22-1244 Public Protections From Toxic Air Contaminants, (Representative Gonzales-Gutierrez and Kennedy and Senator Gonzales) Concerning measures to increase public protection from toxic air contaminants.


“For too long Latino communities have been overlooked and under-considered when it comes to the impacts of statewide policy,” said Senator Robert Rodríguez, co-chair of the Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus. “Our caucus is proud to endorse these key pieces of legislation that aim to even the playing field for underserved communities.”

“Our year-long community outreach and engagement plays a key role in shaping our caucus efforts during each legislative session. The feedback we hear from communities across Colorado is critical to help us tune into the policy needs that are often unconsidered or an afterthought at the State Capitol,” said Representative Alex Valdez, co-chair of the Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus. “Acting on these priorities is one step towards addressing the needs identified by Latino communities. There is still much more work to be done.”



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