• August 8th, 2022
  • Monday, 10:40:00 PM

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COLOR Shines at 20, Looks Forward to Future

by Chanel Ward


The Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR) celebrated their 20th Aniversario at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on September 27th.

The evening was a welcoming event as COLOR staff and board members greeted guests and offered gratitude for the tremendous support.

State Representative of House District 31, Joe Salazar, has been a longtime advocate of the organization.  “They’re important because they give us a place to have a voice, not just out in the community, not just with funders and donors, but at the State Capitol, and that’s one thing that COLOR has done so well.”

President of SEIU Local 105, Ron Ruggiero was in also attendance and spoke with El Semanario. “I think health care and reproductive health, specifically, is an important right that all people also need access to and I think an important thing that this organization does is making sure that those rights and access are available to the immigrant community as well and Latino communities,” said Ruggiero.

The union leader said he looks forward to the expansion of COLOR and their growth as an organization making reproductive health available to more people.

Carlos Valverde, State Director of Colorado Working Families Party not only shared an office with COLOR for a few years, but also discussed why they are an important organization in our community.

“The reproductive justice movement is incredibly important nationally, but in particular we need to have a focus on Latino and Latina community when we talk about reproductive justice and COLOR is the organization to do that, to have that conversation and to bring that voice forward,” said Valverde.

The many sponsors and partners of COLOR include the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, SEIU Local 105, NARAL, and El Semanario, just to name a few, and the turn out represented that support.

This year COLOR launched the COLOR Action Fund with the goal of increasing their impact in the world of policy, both legislative and electorally.

To stay up to date on the organization go to their website at www.colorlatina.org.


Chanel Ward is an Independent Reporter for The Weekly Issue/El Semanario.