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Chiquis Collaborates with Country Music Icon Dolly Parton

Photo: Courtesy The Nieman Group Dolly Parton surprised viewers introducing Chiquis' performance and singing on her Spanish-language cumbia rendition of "Jolene".

Latin GRAMMY award winning Regional Mexican superstar, entrepreneur and TV personality Chiquis performed a medley on May 9, at the Latin GRAMMY first-ever TV special “Ellas y Su Musica”, celebrating Latina artists and their music.


One of the biggest surprises of the historic show which featured live performances from over 15 renowned Latina singers (including Thalia, Becky G, Gloria Estefan, Anitta, Aida Cuevas, Mon Laferte and Olga Tañon), was Country music icon Dolly Parton’s collaboration with Chiquis.


In the very first segment of the Univision network broadcast, Dolly Parton appeared on screen saying “Buenas noches y’all, I would never pass up the opportunity to celebrate women in music in any language . ..Kicking it off with one of my personal favorite heart to heart songs, mi amiga Chiquis!”

The young superstar appeared on stage decked in a red dress to sing her Spanish-language Cumbia rendition of “Jolene” which was originally recorded in English (1973) by the one and only queen of Country music Dolly Parton. Together, they continued to surprise the audience, as Parton’s powerful voice could be heard singing the chorus to “Jolene” while video images of her recording the song were broadcast on gigantic LED screens behind Chiquis.

It was a unique and meaningful moment that allowed the Country music icon to sing a Cumbia version of her song alongside Chiquis who went on to sing “Animate y Verás” another hit single off the album, as part of the momentous performance.

“Wow, this has been an absolute blessing and a moment I will never forget! I am blown away not only by Dolly’s legendary talent but also by her generosity in recording her vocals to the cumbia tempo in order to be part of our performance. She has always been one of my career role models and this is such a dream come true,” expressed Chiquis.


“Hearing ‘Jolene’ done in a Latin Cumbia rhythm and getting to sing to the beat was so much fun for me. I am so proud of Chiquis.”
Dolly Parton


Parton, who recorded her performance in a Nashville studio said “I am so happy to be part of this Latin GRAMMYs special. I love being able to join Country and Latin music. Hearing ‘Jolene’ done in a Latin Cumbia rhythm and getting to sing to the beat was so much fun for me. I am so proud of Chiquis, all the girls and just being part of this special Latin GRAMMYs program!”

“When (Chiquis’ manager) Richard Bull told me about this new version of ‘Jolene’ last year and I first heard it, I just knew it was going to be big. The artists did a really great job with it. They should feel proud for reuniting Dolly with her fans in the Latin music community. Thank you to the Latin GRAMMYs for bringing it all together, and job well done to everyone that worked on the track,” added Danny Nozell, Parton’s manager.
Parton’s 1973 classic hit has been covered by many important artists (Miley Cyrus, the White Stripes, Olivia Newton-John, Ellie Goulding, among others) but this is the first official rendition of “Jolene” in Spanish. Last year, Chiquis introduced audiences to her Western-Cumbia version of “Jolene” when she recorded it as a duet with fellow superstar Becky G for her album playlist which went on to win a Latin Grammy for Best Banda Album (2020). To watch the original video click here.


Chiquis grew up listening to and admiring Parton. She and her producers felt that the two genres (Country and Cumbia) could be seamlessly combined, and they loved the uniqueness of the song as the vulnerability behind the lyrics is rarely expressed in today’s music scene. The song was produced by Ulises Lozano El Licenciado and Richard Bull with the Spanish-language translation by Ilka Cortes.
To watch the intro and performance click here.



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