• April 14th, 2024
  • Sunday, 02:18:31 AM

ACLU Launches Voter Education Effort During Aurora General Election 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado recently launched its Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaign, focused on voter education and participation during the general election in Aurora. The campaign is a response to the urgent risks posed to civil rights and civil liberties across the state and country. ACLU of Colorado does not support, oppose or endorse candidates. The goal of this campaign is to inform voters on the civil rights and civil liberties records of candidates for City Council and how they can have an impact on policy.

“Voters need to know that their rights and liberties are at stake during this City Council election,” said ACLU of Colorado Field Director Delana Maynes. “Throughout the election, our volunteers will fan out across the Aurora community to educate voters about where the candidates stand on key civil liberties issues, including detention conditions.”

“Voters need to know that their rights and liberties are at stake during this City Council election.”
Delana Maynes, ACLU

The GOTV campaign in Aurora will run through the end of the election on November 5. As part of the GOTV effort, the ACLU will send mailers to more than 25,000 voters, launch digital ads and talk to voters in their communities through a canvass and mobile text program. The whole effort will reach 22 percent of registered voters for Ward 4, 20 percent in Ward 5 and 18 percent in Ward 6. The first canvass will launch Saturday, Oct. 2 at Trails Recreation Center, 16799 E. Lake Ave., Centennial, CO 80016.

ACLU of Colorado has also launched a website to educate voters on the positions of candidates on various issues: aclu-co.org/aurora2019. The website helps voters to fill in their ballots and sets reminders to vote.