• February 26th, 2024
  • Monday, 06:31:43 PM

$39,623 Raised for Hurricane Victims in México

Photo: CETYS Students of a prestigious Mexican University meet journalist Jorge Ramos’s challenge to raise funds for victims of earthquakes.

Thanks to the CETYS community and the leadership of several student groups in México, the original challenge proposed by journalist Jorge Ramos has been exceeded. To date, they’ve raised over $39,623 which will go towards helping rebuild areas devastated by natural disasters in the last few months.

“While in Mexicali, I met with CETYS students who are working to make their school one of the top 10 universities in the world. Inspired by their tenacity, I issued a challenge to raise $25,000 for the victims of México’s earthquake,” said Jorge Ramos, last September, during his visit to CETYS University’s 56th anniversary. “These students not only stepped up to the plate to deliver much needed resources, but the University also backed them 100%.”

Dr. Fernando León García, President of CETYS University declared, “We’re proud to say that we have clearly surpassed our goal. The work shows our commitment at CETYS of focusing both on the academic and social development of our students. By forming upstanding people who are very committed to their communities, we’re educating true agents of change.”

Fundraising activities were led by student groups, including the University Network for Disaster Prevention and Care (UNIRED for its Spanish acronym), a non-governmental association, located in Mexico City, whose Northwestern chapter is coordinated by CETYS; the leadership group FORTES, and the Alumni Society. These groups organized social and cultural events, fundraisers, raffles, and sales throughout the three CETYS campuses.

Jorge Ramos’s challenge started with a personal donation by the renowned journalist himself of $10,000.



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